ICYReno is a Mississauga based waterproofing and basement wall crack repair company. Possessing a strong experience in this domain, they decide to increase their customer flow from the Web.

We already worked with many waterproofing companies in US and Canada and we knew well the web market. As the company has just started their online advertising and wanted to have quick results, we decided to launch profitable Google Ads campaigns.
The first step was to improve the campaign target pages. We decided to create new landing page with our Canadian partner https://web4you.ca/. Using our recommendations their developers proceed with new landing page within 3 days: https://waterproofing.icyreno.ca/

Landing page and the main website were additionally modified:
• conversion elements;
• call tracking;
• request form tracking.

Created by Google Add campaign for the first 10 days of work brought to the site 66 clicks, including 6 applications and 5 calls.

Google Ads Search Campaign 21 February – 1 March (10 days):

Budget per day (75 CAD +25% max)
Total clicks – 66
Avg. cost per click – 11.48 CAD
Leads per first 10 days – 11 (6 requests, 5 calls)
Website conversion rate – 15%
Price per lead – 68.9 CAD

Auction statistics
In the first month, we managed to capture the largest share of ad impressions compared to competitors, our ads ranked first and were in the top 3 ads in more than 60% of cases.

Abs. Top of page rate – 33.14% (1st position)
Top of the page rate – 69.92% (3rd position)
Impression share – 48.37 (1st position)

Campaign negative cleanings
To improve the conversion on your web site only your target audience, we clean up keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. As we had a base of negatives for such business, we uploaded it into ICYreno campaign.

Negative keywords – 158

Also, to improve the quality of ads and CPC we defined the most profitable locations and involved CPC coefficients.

Changes in Ads location