STADCON group – a company with 20 years experience, which is engaged in digging trenches and pouring foundations. It operates in major cities around the GTA and in southern Ontario.

To increase the customers flow and launch an advertising campaign in Google Ads, STADCON turned to WebUgol.

A feature is the narrow profile market, which allows you to clearly and efficiently set up an advertising campaign.

We made corrections to the site. Browse the website:

The campaign was launched with a focus on narrow target customers segment that is looking for quality construction services.

Statistics show advertising high positions at auction on weekdays and capture maximum market share of the budget allowed.

Since the start of advertising, the campaign has gained a high position in the auction. Statistics can be view below:

We regularly cleaned our advertising campaign of negative keywords. In order to increase the number of clicks, we adjust the upper limit of the auction bid within the existing campaign budget, provided that the position at the auction is maintained.

Analyzing the data of the campaign from January to April 2020, we can determine the profitability and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

If you’re interested in running an ad campaign on Google Ads, please Contact us.