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Alive Total Wellness
United States
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Alive Total Wellness is a clinic that focuses on testosterone replacement, weight loss and peptide therapy. The company offers personalized affordable care plans emphasizing a holistic approach to health. With more than 20 years of experience, the clinic provides medical services both during appointments and remotely to ensure affordable treatment.

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Project details

The team at Alive Total Wellness partnered with the marketing agency Webugol for expertise in revitalizing their advertising efforts on the Google search network.

Business Description:

A Virginia-based Alive Total Wellness clinic specializing in a revolutionary holistic approach to weight loss that transforms not only the body but also the individual's lifestyle.

Customer Needs:

  • Conduct a comprehensive market and marketing analysis, including an SEO audit of the existing website and evaluation of current advertising campaigns.
  • Identify and implement changes to enhance site conversion rates, including the development of a new landing page.
  • Halt underperforming Google Ads campaigns and launch new, optimized campaigns based on a freshly gathered and clustered semantic core, with unique text ads for each ad group.
  • Develop a new landing page tailored to the services offered, ensuring proper conversion tracking setup.
  • Initiate advertising with a clear budget and targeted geographical areas, aiming for immediate impact.
  • Monitor and adjust advertising campaigns to optimize conversion cost, leveraging daily performance data and market conditions.


Alive Total Wellness faced challenges with their initial Google Ads campaigns, which failed to deliver the desired results, indicating a need for a strategic overhaul in their digital marketing approach.


  1. We performed an in-depth market analysis, SEO site audit, and review of existing advertising efforts to identify key areas for improvement.
  2. A strategic decision was made to revamp the website's conversion process, starting with the creation of a more effective landing page.
  3. Previous Google Ads campaigns were discontinued in favor of new campaigns, carefully planned with a redefined semantic core and unique ad texts for better targeting and engagement.
  4. A new landing page was developed in parallel with ad campaign preparations, featuring optimized conversion tracking to ensure accurate measurement of advertising effectiveness.
  5. With the new strategies in place, advertising commenced on the revamped platform, with specific budgets and geographical targeting to maximize reach and impact.
  6. Continuous monitoring and optimization of ad campaigns were conducted to maintain efficiency, adjusting for market dynamics and improving the cost per conversion.

Alive Total Wellness result


In the first month of the new advertising strategy, notable achievements included 22 conversions and 4 direct calls, indicating a positive initial response to the revamped campaigns.

Regular adjustments and optimizations of the advertising efforts ensured the campaigns remained competitive and cost-effective.

Business Value:

By partnering with Alive Total Wellness, Webugol facilitated a transformative approach to digital marketing, addressing previous shortcomings and setting a new direction for successful advertising on the Google network. The comprehensive strategy encompassed market analysis, SEO improvements, targeted ad campaigns, and a focus on conversion optimization, leading to immediate and measurable results. This collaboration has laid the groundwork for ongoing success in attracting and engaging clients, optimizing advertising spend, and establishing Alive Total Wellness as a leader in holistic weight loss solutions.