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Arena Sushi: a delivery service, has a wide selection of Japanese dishes, including various types of rolls, sushi, and sets in Lviv. 

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Arena Sushi

Arena Sushi already had an business profile in Google Ads with active PMax advertising. After analyzing the advertisement, we came to the conclusion that we need to launch more search advertising to improve the results of the current advertising campaign. With the client’s permission, we made changes to PMax advertising and started working on search advertising. 

We thoroughly familiarized ourselves with the structure of the site and the services of Arena Sushi before starting work on creating and launching a search advertising campaign in Google Ads. They also conducted a detailed SEO-analysis of the site and gave a number of recommendations for more comfortable use.

Having analyzed the delivery service market, we have collected a new semantic core for the “Sushi” category, which we were going to promote. 

For this, a separate semantic core was collected, keywords were divided according to intent, and unique text ads were written. This advertising campaign, which was launched with the aim of supporting already existing PMah-advertising and attracting new potential customers, had a clearly defined budget and territory. Distribution-area - Lviv.

The graph, which shows the effectiveness of advertising campaigns during the first month of operation.

arena sushi

We got 38 conversions in the first month. The average conversion rate, which is UAH 165.

We monitor the performance of advertising campaigns every day, adjusting bids depending on the market, trying to reduce the client’s advertising costs and cleaning up negative, negative keywords. We maintain the accounts of the Arena Sushi delivery servicen parallel, with Google Ads advertising campaigns and on Facebook and Instagram and regularly fill the feed, with relevant content.