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Bildex Solutions a company providing design, installation services, and sale of window wells in Canada. Bildex window well systems are the perfect solution for leaky basement windows.

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Bildex Solutions

Representatives of the Bildex Solutions company contacted the Webugol team and asked for help to set up and manage advertising in the Google search network.

We conducted marketing research on the market and a SEO audit of the website. We made an individual development plan for advertising for the company Bildex Solutions and made several edits to the site. Since the website had a low conversion rate, we offered to redesign it on a better platform, keeping all data.

In parallel with the changes on the site, we started collecting the semantic core, clustered it, and prescribed double-text ads. Also, for this advertising campaign, we created additional Call Ads that target a phone number. Google Analytics and Tag Manager have been set up on the new website for us to track conversions.

After checking all the settings, we launched our advertising campaign in Southern Ontario with a clearly defined budget.

The graph shows the results of our campaign for the first month of operation.

project metrics

Every day we monitor the performance of our ad campaign, clean up negative keywords and optimize CPC according to the market.

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