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Destiny Roofing is a construction company that offers roofing services for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Destiny Roofing contractors are located in Brampton and operate throughout the GTA, specializing in commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal, and residential roofing.

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Expert roofing services in Toronto

Representatives of Destiny Roofing asked us to analyze and give advice on how to improve and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Google Ads. They had a bad experience with the last Google Ads campaigns, so they expected to see profitable results from the start.

We audited the website and found some minor errors, which reducing helped to achieve better website conversion. Then we wrote a technical task for programmers and analyzed existing advertising campaigns in Google Ads. We found that advertising campaigns don't work properly, so they don't bring the desired result to the client. Together with the representatives of Destiny Roofing, we decided to launch brand-new ad campaigns for key services: commercial roofing, industrial roofing, and institutional roofing.

We started with the commercial roofing service, collected a new semantic core, and created unique ads.

Here you can see the results of Google Ads for the first month:

graph DR

We spent 3,000 CAD and received 12 conversions with the cost of 251 CAD + 3 missed phone calls, 15 conversions total. We analyze and optimize campaigns daily, clearing negative keywords and reducing advertising costs/cost per conversion by adjusting bidding according to the market situation.

Simultaneously, we expanded campaigns oriented on industrial roofing and institutional roofing.