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70+ leads/month for Drain Express, a plumbing company from Toronto. Drain Express is a leading and trusted company for over 20 years operating in Toronto, Ontario. They are recognized for the top quality of plumbing, drain, waterproofing, sump pump, and other services for residential and commercial locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. They was already using Google Advertising for many years before switching to the cooperation with Webugol.

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70+ leads/month for Drain Express

Reputation is important. Webugol reputation on the market of plumbing services in Toronto gave us the ability to start cooperation with Drain Exress. Knowing us as a marketing agency that previously worked with the competitors like VandVDrain and Icyreno Waterproofing – they asked ask to take care of their ads.
Since that moment we are working with Drain Express for the last 1,5 years. Plumbing services - one of the most competitive niches for advertising. More than 30 competitors in the auction, especially in big cities. To get the best results you need to improve your campaigns every single day! Now we are happy to show you the incredible results we achieved with the year-to-year comparison:

DE graph

Google Ads results comparison September 2020 - September 2021:

  • Cost per conversion decreased by 177 CAD (63%)
  • 71 calls / 62+ tracked conversion a month (+42%)
  • 8% conversion rate

Now we are actively working with SEO and local SEO development of Drain Express to boost their organic position and leads! You will see the results in this article soon!