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The Drobot Construction company, a distinguished family-owned business specializing in waterproofing and foundations within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), chose Webugol to spearhead their foray into contextual advertising on the Google network. With no prior presence in Google Ads, this project was an opportunity to build from the ground up, ensuring Drobot Construction could reach its target audience efficiently.

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Business description:

Drobot Construction has carved a niche in both residential and commercial construction sectors, offering expert services in waterproofing and underpinning. Boasting over five years of industry experience, they are a reliable choice for clients in the GTA.

Customer Needs:

  • Establish a new Google Ads account, Google Tag Manager, and Analytics setup to kickstart their advertising efforts.
  • Conduct a thorough SEO and market analysis to identify enhancements for the website to boost its conversion rate.
  • Implement changes based on the analysis to improve site performance and setup conversion tracking via Google Analytics.
  • Develop and execute targeted search advertising campaigns within specified territories and budgets.
  • Initiate the RMax campaign using existing semantic cores, crafting unique headlines, descriptions, and creative elements for the ads.
  • Monitor and optimize the advertising campaigns daily, adjusting the cost per click in line with market trends.


Drobot Construction had no previous experience with Google Ads, requiring a comprehensive approach to establish a strong online advertising presence from scratch.


  1. A detailed initial analysis, including SEO and market research, was conducted to lay a solid foundation for the advertising strategy.
  2. Necessary modifications were identified and implemented on the website to ensure an optimized conversion rate.
  3. A new Google Ads account, along with Google Tag Manager and Analytics, was created to facilitate detailed tracking and management of advertising efforts.
  4. Semantic cores for the campaigns were meticulously collected and clustered, with unique text ads developed for each group, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of the search advertising campaigns.
  5. The search advertising campaigns were launched on well-defined territories with a pre-agreed budget, allowing for targeted and efficient marketing.
  6. Preparation and launch of the RMax campaign followed, leveraging the collected semantic cores and newly created ad creatives to further reach potential clients within specific areas and budget constraints.


results with Webugol

The search advertising campaigns saw a successful launch, with the performance being closely monitored and optimized for cost per click, adhering to market conditions.

results with Webugol

The RMax campaign, introduced subsequently, demonstrated effective reach and engagement within the chosen territories and budget limits.

Business Value:

Through Webugol’s strategic planning and execution, Drobot Construction established a robust online advertising presence, significantly enhancing their visibility on the Google network. From creating a new advertising account and conducting a detailed site and market analysis to launching targeted advertising campaigns, Webugol provided a comprehensive service that catered to Drobot Construction's need for effective online marketing. Continuous optimization and monitoring ensure the campaigns remain cost-efficient and market-relevant, paving the way for Drobot Construction to strengthen its position as a trusted waterproofing and foundations contractor in the GTA.