Earth AI
United States
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Earth AI is a high-tech company based in Australia that develops and implements technologies and methods for mineral discovery through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Project details

EARTH AI is a vertically integrated metals exploration company

By streamlining exploration into a holistic vertically integrated organism, Earth AI can detect mineral locations 50 times more accurately with mineral targeting technology. Artificial intelligence uses models of ML-files, which are trained to recognize certain types of patterns and predictions from the data obtained. Analyzing all the data, Earth AI determines the locations of future wells. The company does not stop its research for the best ways to explore and extract minerals.

A number of changes in the structure and optimization of the site have been developed for Earth AI to increase the attractiveness for investors and partners. The work was carried out in cooperation with the designer and developer of Earth AI.
You can view the site at the link: https://earth-ai.com/.
The measures to improve the company's business model were developed to improve partnership attractiveness and access to a full cycle of exploration of new deposits.
To find new partners, a marketing system was developed:
- Networking in LinkedIn;
- Sending letters to potential customers through social networks and e-mailing;
- Proposals for lead generation through B2B specialized conferences.
For the successful operation of the developed marketing system, it was also necessary to improve the company's marketing tools, namely paper and online presentation materials, including the company's business plan.

Today we can state the fact that the company managed to use the above developments, expand its presence in Australia and worldwide, attracting additional partners and successfully continuing its operations.