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English 24/7 is an English language school - operating in the education field since 2012. The peculiarity of their concept is that they abandoned the usual understanding of the school with desks and teachers.

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Experience working with an educational institution

English 24/7 language school asked Webugol to conduct digital marketing analysis and launch advertising. We found potential Google and Facebook/Instagram markets that can be profitable for English 24/7.

First, we decided to launch advertising on Facebook / Instagram. Our expert searched for relevant interests in the cold funnel campaigns and created a commercial video.

The traffic on the website was not enough to immediately start retargeting ads and create deeper funnels, so the advertising was primarily aimed at website traffic.

We configured Facebook Pixel and installed it on the website with all conversional elements added for events tracking. Events on the website have been set up to track calls, visit specific pages and fill out forms.

The first month after the launch, the advertising campaign brought about 5,000+ targeted website traffic. To launch Retargeting, we launched a new video and choose the fill out Facebook form target action. Important: Facebook form included several questions to avoid SPAM.

Additionally, a Look-a-Like audience was created to reduce cost per conversion and find a better target audience similar to those who left the filled forms, and who clicked on phone numbers.

We received a lot of traffic to the website from the cold audiences, but the conversion rate wasn’t high and not all events were tracked correctly. It was decided to switch the advertising campaign from traffic to the website towards filling out the Lead form on Facebook. This paid off. In the first month of the Lead-form targeted advertising campaigns, we received about 100 potential leads who left their data. The average price for one Lead was $3.

The next month we got about 100 leads again. Simultaneously, we launched Google Ads, which also showed good results. After adjusting CPC, we've shifted some budget from Facebook/Instagram Ads to Google Ads.

The semantic core was collected for the exact services to guarantee the max conversion rate. Unique ad texts were written and divided into ad groups according to intention. 

Most conversions cannot be automatically tracked because of specific website Google forms and impossibility of calls tracking in Ukraine. Here are some results details:

graph Eng

We monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on a daily basis, adjusting bids to the market, reducing the client's advertising costs by cleaning negative search terms.

If you are interested in promoting your business with Google Ads, social media ads, SEO, LinkedIn, and Emailing, please write or call us using Contacts.