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Mercury Hydraulics
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Mercury Hydraulics is an American company that provides hydraulic system repair services in all industries. Mercury specialists will help develop a new or repair an existing hydraulic system. Mercury Hydraulics is a team of experienced professionals who will ensure the smooth operation of your business.

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Maintenance of hydraulic systems

Mercury Hydraulics is a company from Florida, USA, which operates along the entire South Coast. The company decided to promote the Mercury Hydraulics brand through Google's search engine to increase customers on the Internet.

After conducting a technical audit of the site, we developed an individual strategy for promoting the Mercury Hydraulics brand at Google. We've begun our work on setting up Google Analytics and a Google Ads account.

Configured all conversion items on the site and correct conversion tracking in your account. After assembling the semantic core, we divided the keywords by intentions and wrote unique text ads for each group.

The advertising campaign was launched in a clearly defined area, had a defined budget, in order to find new potential customers.

As the market in which Mercury Hydraulics operates is clear and precise, our advertising campaign has given good results in the form of calls and conversions from the very first days.

The graph shows the work of the advertising campaign in 5 days.

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We also do not forget to clear negative words every day, monitor the market situation, adjusting the maximum cost-per-click rates.