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Merge Spaces offers freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses an inspiring coworking space to work, connect and collaborate at their own pace.
From the moment you walk through their doors, you feel the inviting energy of their space – inspiration, creativity, and opportunity all around.

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Merge Spaces

Merge Spaces turned to Webugol for setting up and managing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Local SEO.

After providing market research, we developed an individual advertising plan and began gathering a semantic core. We noticed that market overflows, and our task was to highlight only the necessary key queries.

Before launching the advertising campaign, we installed Tag Manager on the website and created a Google account for advertising. Also, we did a great job cleaning the semantic core and writing unique text ads.
We launched the advertising campaign only on the territory of Toronto with a clearly defined budget. In the graph, you can see the effectiveness of our campaign for three months. In total, we received 23 leads.

MS 1

Whereas this market segment is seasonal, we observe a jump in conversions at the end of summer. Every day we clean the search terms and adjust the bid per click according to the market volume.
It is worth noting that the launch of this ad campaign coincided with the period when Google disabled the ability to create expanded text ads, so we prescribed double-responsive text ads.