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More Space Place
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More Space Place offers custom-built furniture to maximize space in any room, including Murphy beds, custom closets, home offices, and storage solutions for garages, laundry, and pantries. They focus on personalized design consultations to tailor furniture for organization and style, ensuring functional, space-efficient homes.

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Business Description:

More Space Place, a distinguished local business known for its bespoke furniture solutions, collaborated with Webugol to strengthen its online footprint, draw in new clientele, and enhance brand visibility through Google Ads. Specializing in custom-made furniture, More Space Place offers uniquely tailored designs for closets, home offices, and Murphy beds, with local showrooms in Austin and San Antonio.

Customer Needs:

- Enhance the company's online presence and brand recognition to attract new customers through targeted Google Ads campaigns.

- Address inefficiencies in existing Google Ads campaigns by halting them and developing new, focused strategies.

- Target specific local markets in Austin and San Antonio with tailored advertising campaigns that reflect the unique offerings of More Space Place.

- Develop and launch six distinct advertising campaigns, each dedicated to a different service offered by More Space Place, ensuring relevance and appeal through unique semantic cores and text ads.

- Initiate PMax campaigns segmented into targeted ad groups to re-engage potential customers and enhance conversion opportunities.

- Incorporate client feedback into advertising content adjustments to align with their preferences and expectations.


More Space Place's initial Google Ads campaigns were not yielding the desired results, highlighting a need for a strategic overhaul to effectively target potential customers in their specific locales.


1. Webugol conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing campaigns and recommended a fresh strategy focused on localized targeting for Austin and San Antonio.

2. Created six search advertising campaigns, each tailored to the company's distinct service categories, utilizing unique semantic cores and text ads for maximum relevance and impact.

3. Launched two Remarketing campaigns, each segmented into three ad groups, designed to capture the attention of potential customers through targeted messaging and engagement strategies.

4. Implemented a client-centric approach by incorporating feedback into ongoing campaign adjustments, ensuring the advertising content resonated well with the company's vision and customer expectations.

5. Engaged in daily campaign management, including performance monitoring, bid adjustments, and campaign refinement to optimize effectiveness and reach.


The strategic launch of localized search and Remarketing campaigns led to enhanced online visibility and brand recognition for More Space Place in its targeted markets.

Continuous optimization efforts and client collaboration ensured the campaigns remained aligned with market dynamics and company goals, driving targeted customer engagement and potential conversions.

Business Value:

Webugol's expertise in digital marketing enabled More Space Place to overcome its initial advertising challenges, resulting in a strengthened online presence and improved customer acquisition strategy. By focusing on localized targeting, tailored campaign creation, and dynamic optimization, More Space Place has successfully increased its brand visibility and attracted new customers to its Austin and San Antonio showrooms, laying a solid foundation for future growth and success in the custom-made furniture market.