Morgan Model Management
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Morgan Model Management is a reputable modeling agency providing services in Canada. They offer a wide range of models for different types of work, including advertising, advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and much more.

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Morgan Model Management

Project Overview:

  • Client: Morgan Model Management, a modeling agency.
  • Objective: Enhance brand recognition online through Google Ads advertising and social media management.

Strategy and Implementation:

  1. Google Ads Campaign:
    • Initial Setup: Creation of a Google Ads account, as the agency had no prior experience with Google's advertising network.
    • Website and Service Review: Conducted a thorough examination of Morgan Model Management's website and services.
    • Site Audit: Performed a detailed site audit and provided recommendations for improved usability.
    • Semantic Core Development:
      • Compiled a comprehensive semantic core.
      • Classified keywords by intent.
      • Crafted unique ad texts.
    • Campaign Launch:
      • Initiated a search advertising campaign targeting new potential business clients.
      • Set clear budget and geographical constraints.
    • Keyword Management:
      • Began with phrase-matched keywords.
      • Switched to exact match keywords due to irrelevant search terms and budget constraints.
      • Returned to phrase matching after monitoring for a week with no significant changes.
  1. Social Media Advertising:
    • Managed existing Facebook and Instagram accounts.
    • Focused on creating engaging content to attract more audience interaction.
    • Adjusted strategies based on performance analytics.


  1. Google Ads Performance:
    • First Month:
      • Achieved 8 conversions and 9 calls.
      • Average cost per conversion was CAD 174. Average sales generated from the leads are over CAD 5000
    • Continuous Monitoring:
      • Daily monitoring and adjustment of bids based on market conditions.
      • Focused on reducing advertising costs and eliminating negative keywords.
  1. Social Media Success:
    • Observed that advertising on Facebook and Instagram yielded better results compared to Google Ads.




  • The project successfully increased Morgan Model Management’s brand recognition on the internet.
  • The team at WebUgol efficiently managed both Google Ads and social media platforms, adapting strategies as needed to optimize performance and costs.
  • The insights gained from this project highlight the dynamic nature of digital marketing and the importance of flexible strategy implementation.