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Purelivity Wellness
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Purelivity Wellness + Aesthetics is a medical spa specializing in weight loss management, testosterone optimization, medical aesthetics and telemedicine services. Purelivity offers a wide range of treatments designed to increase self-confidence and vitality, and to help clients achieve their health and beauty goals through a combination of advanced medical technology and expert care.

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Project details

Purelivity Wellness, a Houston-based wellness clinic specializing in diverse weight loss services, sought the expertise of the marketing agency Webugol to enhance their visibility and customer acquisition through the Google network.

Business Description:

Purelivity Wellness prides itself on offering premium weight loss solutions, with a mission to deliver superior services to their clientele.

Customer Needs:

- Analyze existing Google Ads campaigns, perform a comprehensive market analysis, and conduct an SEO audit of the website to identify and correct prevailing errors.

- Increase the website's conversion rate by proposing the development of a new landing page specifically designed for the promoted services.

- Address the requirement for certification of the advertised product by creating a two-step feedback form on the JotForm platform to ensure high-quality customer filtering.

- Cease current ad campaigns running on inefficient keywords and lacking conversion tracking; initiate the collection and clustering of a new semantic core followed by the creation of distinct and unique text ads.

- Launch a targeted search advertising campaign within a defined territory and budget, post-development of the landing page.

- Implement conversion tracking to accurately measure the effectiveness of the new advertising campaign.


Purelivity Wellness faced challenges with their initial advertising efforts on Google due to improper keyword targeting, absence of conversion tracking, and a low site conversion rate, which hindered their ability to attract new clients effectively.


1. Conducted a thorough analysis of existing advertising, the competitive market landscape, and performed an SEO audit to pinpoint critical areas for improvement.

2. Designed a new landing page to enhance the site's conversion rate, incorporating a two-step feedback form for customer quality assurance, in compliance with certification requirements for the promoted product.

3. Halted ineffective ad campaigns, formulated a new semantic core, and crafted double unique text ads for more precise targeting.

4. Initiated a geographically targeted search advertising campaign with a clearly defined budget and completed the setup for conversion tracking to evaluate campaign performance accurately.

5. Regularly monitored and optimized the advertising campaign to refine bid strategies per conversion and eliminate negative search terms, adjusting to market dynamics.

result purelevity


The first month following the campaign launch witnessed a significant improvement, yielding 66 conversions and 9 direct phone calls, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new strategy.

Continuous optimization efforts ensured sustained efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising campaign, aligning with market conditions and client acquisition goals.

Business Value:

Webugol's collaboration with Purelivity Wellness marked a turning point in the clinic's digital marketing strategy, overcoming initial obstacles and setting a new trajectory for success. Through meticulous analysis, strategic redevelopment of advertising content, and enhancement of the website's conversion mechanism, Purelivity Wellness has seen immediate and tangible results. This partnership not only optimized Purelivity's advertising spend but also solidified its position in the Houston market as a leading provider of quality weight loss services, paving the way for ongoing growth and customer engagement.