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Quality Age Build
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Quality Age Build has provided the best expert basement and foundation waterproofing services in Toronto and the GTA for over 10 years. A top-rated contractor who has repaired and waterproofed over 5,000 commercial and residential foundations.

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Representatives of Quality Age Build reached us with a request to receive quality advertising services. After all, they had no experience working with Google Ads, so they anticipated having profitable results.

While auditing the website, we found some minor errors, fixing which immediately improved the website conversion. After the correction, we started to collect a new semantic core for principal services: underpinning foundation and waterproofing. Also, we divided the keywords into groups and created unique text ads.

Our advertising campaigns are performed to search for new potential customers and have clearly defined territories and budgets. We launched Google Analytics and Tag Manager for Quality Age Build, then linked it to a Google Ads account and set up conversion tracking.

The graph below shows the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns at the beginning of our cooperation.


At a monthly cost of $1.7K, we received 10 calls and 8 confirmed conversions at an average charge of $218.

As we know that the cheapest underpinning service ranges from $450 (in our case CAD), we can conclude that advertising for Quality Age Build brought good results for ordering their services.

Each day we optimized our advertising campaigns, monitored the rates for the use of the budget, made the necessary adjustments in time, and this brought an excellent result for our client. We also train together with Quality Age Build, and as a result, we are building long-term partnerships with our customers. That is a classy win-win relationship.

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