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Quality Age Build has provided the best expert basement and foundation waterproofing services in Toronto and the GTA for over 10 years. A top-rated contractor who has repaired and waterproofed over 5,000 commercial and residential foundations.

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Quality Age Build

Project Overview:

  • Client: Quality Age Build, a waterproofing and underpinning company seeking quality advertising services with no prior experience in Google Ads.
  • Objective: Deliver profitable advertising results through effective Google Ads campaigns and website optimization.

Strategy and Implementation:

  1. Website Audit and Correction:
    • Conducted an initial website audit to identify and rectify minor errors.
    • Implemented immediate corrections to improve website conversion rates.
  2. Semantic Core Development:
    • Compiled a new semantic core focused on Quality Age Build’s principal services: underpinning foundation and waterproofing.
    • Categorized keywords into groups and created unique text ads for each category.
  3. Advertising Campaigns:
    • Designed campaigns to target new potential customers.
    • Established clear territorial and budgetary parameters for each campaign.
  4. Analytics and Tracking:
    • Set up Google Analytics and Tag Manager for Quality Age Build.
    • Integrated these tools with the Google Ads account for comprehensive conversion tracking.


  • Initial Campaign Performance:
    • At a monthly advertising cost of $1K, achieved 26 calls and 26 confirmed conversions.
    • The average cost per conversion was $120.
  • Ongoing Optimization:
    • Daily optimization of advertising campaigns to ensure efficient budget utilization.
    • Timely adjustments made to maintain campaign effectiveness.
    • Established a collaborative training process with Quality Age Build for long-term partnership development.




  • The project successfully provided Quality Age Build with profitable advertising outcomes through strategic Google Ads management and website optimization.
  • The collaboration with Webugol has not only improved immediate advertising results but also fostered a sustainable, mutually beneficial partnership.

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