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Revamp Wellness is a physiotherapy clinic in Lengley, British Columbia, Canada, that deals with such types of therapy as physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, orthopedics, shockwave therapy and others. At Revamp Wellness, your health is a priority.

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Revamp Wellness Clinic - treat the cause, not the symptoms

Revamp Wellness Clinic asked for the audit of current advertising in Google Ads because the results were quite low.

After getting acquainted with the structure of the site and clinic’s services, an analysis of existing advertising campaigns in Google Ads, and research of the online market was conducted. After analyzing the work of advertising campaigns, a list of the core mistakes made in setting up and managing campaigns was revealed. The structure of these campaigns did not have a clearly formed semantic core, had errors in the settings of the territory, the configuration of the schedule. But the main mistake was to manage all areas of the enterprise through the division of a single advertising campaign into ad groups. In fact, you can't effectively manage budgets and rates for services that cost differently and have different returns.

We were decided, to stop all advertising campaigns in Google Ads and launch new ones with the correct settings. For the main services, separate semantic cores were collected and unique ad texts were written, divided according to intentions.

The next step was to set up conversion tracking correctly. Because the Jane App platform is used for online recording on the clinic's website, this has greatly complicated the task. The main entry point is the main site of the company, and the conversion element is on another platform with a different URL. At the same time, the Jane App platform is closed source and allows you to integrate only Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, we built cross-domain conversion tracking and blocked traffic from the main site as a referral, allowing us to upload and track conversions in Google Ads.

graph RW

On the graph, you can see statistics of old and new advertising campaigns during the first two months of operation. In the first month, we received 260 conversions and were able to reduce the cost of one conversion to CAD 4.90. 

graph RW 8

This is + 300% over previous ad campaigns with the same conversion-tracking configuration.

graph RW 2

We monitor ad campaigns on a daily basis, clearing negative keywords and adjusting bids based on the market to ensure the highest return on your marketing investment.

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