Skyscapes Balcony and Patio Flooring
Skyscapes Balcony and Patio Flooring
United States
About company

Skyscapes, a dynamic company located in the GTA, is renowned for its innovative outdoor space transformations. Their Urban Balcony Flooring solutions offer clients the opportunity to revamp balconies, terraces, and rooftops, maximizing the utility of these spaces. Tailoring modular-flooring solutions to meet individual requirements, Skyscapes complies with architectural standards and condo board regulations. Their product range includes porcelain pavers, exotic wood, composite decking, planters, fences, and lights, all installed with professional service.


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Business Description:

Skyscapes is a fast-expanding company specializing in the customization of outdoor living spaces with a variety of flooring and decor options, ensuring compliance with architectural and regulatory standards.

Customer Needs:

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Business Value:

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