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Unique Blinds is a company from Toronto, Canada that designs and installs designer products such as Blinds, Shades, and Drapes. The company has a unique approach to each client based on their wishes.

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Unique Blinds approached us for business analysis and further use of advertising campaigns to increase sales.

After conducting a business analysis, we saw several profitable options for developing advertising campaigns to increase the number of potential customers. Since there were no other advertising campaigns before us, it was decided to start with Facebook advertising to get the first results and, based on them, to scale existing advertising and make decisions on the use of Google advertising.

At the beginning of setting up an advertising campaign, you need to prescribe a strategy and variations of development. It was necessary to determine the audience that is most interested in such a product as designer automatic drapes, blinds, etc., to select interests, create a video creative that will be interesting to users, and limit advertising to a specific geolocation. After agreeing on all aspects, including the advertising budget, the Unique Blinds advertising campaign was launched.

The next step was the ongoing analysis of advertising and monitoring of the main indicators of Facebook Ads, which allow us to understand which audience is more targeted, how many potential customers watch our advertising video, and many other indicators for full analysis. During the first few weeks of testing, we got the first results and, most importantly, analyzed the nuances that could be improved, namely which campaigns should be suspended due to insufficient coverage, and therefore low click ability and high cost, which campaigns should focus budgets to get more conversions and which ad sets within companies need to be edited or paused. Because Facebook decides which campaigns and ads are best for it and focuses on them, we analyze the ad campaign every day to target the most targeted audience and optimize budgets.

To track conversions and actions on Unique Blinds, Pixel has been installed, which gathers audiences and divides them into categories. We received data on the number of customers who: simply went to the main page of the site, browsed the site on various internal pages, and clicked on the phone number. This allowed us to launch Retarget campaign for the most targeted and interested audience, as well as the LAL (Look-a-like) campaign for the audience that is most similar to potential customers.

This paid off. Within a month, we received 12 potential customers who called Unique Blinds for services. The price for one client of such an advertising campaign was about 75 Canadian dollars.

graph UB

Because Facebook Pixel does not always track all actions on the site, and filling out the form located on the site could not be tracked as an action, it was decided to transfer advertising to Lidform. During the advertising campaign, we found the target audience, saw what this audience was most interested in, and used this data to restart the ad. At the moment, the new advertising campaign on Lidform has already brought 29 leads (4 in the last 2 days of the previous month and 25 already this year), who left their applications, which we can see in the Facebook Leads Center. And this is not the end of the month. On average, new ice is added 1-2 times a day.

graph UB 1

The new campaign has already spent 950 Canadian dollars and the price per customer is not 75 Canadian dollars, but more than twice less 32 Canadian dollars.

We continue to monitor the development of advertising campaigns for their more accurate optimization to provide the best result in terms of price: quantity: quality.

After launching, configuring correctly and successful operation of Facebook Ads, we started launching Google Ads. To begin with, we divided the services into specific groups: blinds, shades, drapes and collected the appropriate semantic cores for each service. Divided keywords by intent and wrote unique text ads.

Each campaign was launched to find new leads and had a well-defined budget and display area. We've also set a maximum bid limit for each ad campaign.

After analyzing the work of advertising campaigns for the first month, we found that this market is quite large, and our budget is not enough for this market size, so it was decided to focus the entire budget on one advertising campaign - blinds. Within the new budget, we are gradually increasing the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid. To date, this strategy has already conceded its first results in the form of conversions.

Unique Blinds Google Ads

We monitor the work of this advertising campaign every day, we eliminate negative keywords in order to achieve maximum results within our budget.

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