About company

ZIKO is a water purification, water supply and wastewater treatment company with over 30 years of experience in Ukrainian and foreign markets. Webugol has been cooperating with ZIKO company for over 5 years. In fact, ZIKO is the first client we started working with and continue improving their digital marketing.

Services provided

Project details


Brand positioning and website development

At the beginning of our cooperation, we had a big challenge to create a competitive website. When you start a website development, it's a must to consider the market you are going to target. By analyzing, we found out that most companies were oriented toward B2C eCommerce stores, while the niche of industrial solutions was free.

To explain the new concept of industrial orientation for ZIKO company, we created a new slogan and updated the logo. Including these changes, we have built the new website prototype with the emphasized orientation on B2B industrial segment: https://ziko.com.ua

Google Ads

We decided to start with Google Ads to gain the first rapid results. During our long cooperation with Ziko, we have already launched more than 80 Google Ads campaigns, and around 15 are currently online. There is a variety of search and display campaign that has from 300%+ up to 4000%+ ROAS. Such markets like industrial wastewater treatment are mostly monopolistic, which allows us to gain high profitability from ads.

The campaigns were cleaned and optimized for a few years, that's why we gained the absolute first position for each campaign. The nearest competitors are 3-4 times lower in Google Ads Auctions.

Facebook Ads

After building the industrial water purification and wastewater treatment segment, we started to compete in the B2C market. We have already launched some B2C Google Ads campaigns and enforced them by building cold, retargeting, and look-a-like funnels with Facebook Ads. After two months of testing, we found the perfect ads solution that gave us 120+ B2C leads a month with a $300 budget. We focused on free water analysis that worked like the lead generation feature.


We have always worked with SEO for ZIKO in terms of small budgeting. Furthermore, we had enough leads from the primary advertising that was continuously growing and required extra attention. Last year we were actively purchasing external links to enlarge DA and the best page rank. This channel will be the next source of high-quality traffic and leads to the company in the next few years, but will require additional investments in copywriting and link building.


Using LinkedIn, we reached 2000+k targeted industrial customers (mainly top engineers of manufacturing companies across Ukraine). LinkedIn allowed us to arrange more than 200 meetings online and offline and build a Facebook group with up to 500 followers to continue communicating with them.