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Social media marketing is a necessity for brands today. There is no way to stay away from the channels that people most often use to interact with the world, so you need to use all the platforms for developing strategies and have the best results on each of them.


What is social media marketing?

smmThis is a technique that involves action positioning, brand distribution, and even sales processes on social networks. It's about finding your audience on social media so that your brand is present in people's daily lives. In this way, you become better known and relevant to your audience, increase interactivity with it, attract potential customers and get more conversions.

Although many people think of social media marketing as just posting on a feed, there are many other activities:

• strategic planning
• content production
• interaction with the audience
• advertising
• monitoring of indicators
• constant strategy optimization

social mediaThese are the pillars you need to cover to build the presentation of your brand in social networks and get the best results. The modern world is permeated by social networks. Here, many people receive information, look at family photos, communicate with friends, discuss the day's debates and, of course, follow the news of the brands they admire.

Why is it worth to do social media marketing?

1. Increase the engagement of your audience

The big difference between social media and other marketing channels is the ability to interact with people. The consumer is passive in front of a TV commercial or billboard, but on social networks, they can comment, share, send messages and interact in different ways with just one click.

facebook_adsIn addition, consumers stay close to the brand in their daily lives when browsing platforms, thus increasing interaction with him and building stronger relationships. As a result: around the brand community is created.

2. Generate traffic and conversions

Anyone who thinks that social networks are only for creating a brand is wrong. So far, we have seen that they help increase coverage, involvement, and humanization, and directly contribute to later stages of the process of shopping.

On the web, you can promote links from your website or e-commerce and advertise the content of your blog.
Some social networks already offer the opportunity to buy on the platform itself, which increases sales opportunities. That's why subscribers are also real business opportunities.

3. Study your audience

audienceThe closeness provided by social networks allows you to get to know your audience better. You can talk to people, understand what they like, what topics motivate their participation.

The platforms provide valuable information about the audience that follows your brand, such as age, gender, location, rank, interests, and more. In addition, tracking memories lets you know what people are talking about and what they think of the brand.

4. Target your advertising exactly

Advertising platforms on social networks provide valuable information about the audience. Users may not be aware of this, but they are constantly providing the platform with information about what they like most what is happening in their lives, the profiles they interact with the most and the websites they visit.

social media marketingTherefore, the platforms offer this data to advertisers who spend money on targeted advertising and get the opportunity to reach the right audience. In this way, advertising investments become much more effective and more profitable.

5. Define your strategic goals of Social Media Marketing

The first step in planning an effective social networking strategy is to define your goals. Social networks help your company achieve different goals. In general, you can aim for:

• increase coverage or visibility of the brand
• increase brand engagement
• drive traffic to your website, blog, or e-commerce
• generate leads and subscriptions
• increase sales
• create a community for the brand
• to provide customer service
• follow the conversations about the brand

Webugol provides free social media marketing analysis before starting any activities. It include the statistics about your target audience, interests, the volume of potential clients, cost per mile (reach cost), estimated cost per click and the results within your budget.

Additionally we have a team of skillful designers. They will create you the unique and attractive video that will perfectly fit your audience and will significantly increase your ROAS.

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