30 Mar
Free month of Google advertisements
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Free month of Google Ads


Today, the importance of the Internet in the business world is undeniable. We can find companies that are fully developing their online business, such as online stores, or companies with physical stores that have an additional online channel.

Regardless of their nature, a digital marketing agency is needed to help them grow their business. Agencies can offer different options for launching advertising campaigns, but only a few are willing to take responsibility for the result by offering a free month of Google advertisements.

What is a digital marketing agency?

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Digital marketing agencies are companies whose function is to develop and support the online business of other companies, organizations, or even individuals, including through Google advertisements, Facebook and Instagram Ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Emailing, etc.

In other words, the marketing agency works more globally, because it must ensure the profitability of all digital marketing activities of its customers.

Advantages of the Webugol marketing agency

The benefits of each marketing agency are different and everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Webugol marketing company is no exception. So let's understand what exactly the benefits of working with us.

Free market analysis of Google advertisements

Before we begin working with any customer, we are preparing a Google markets analysis of your potential customers, which is completely free. The main advantage is that you can see the real picture of the profitability of your potential Google advertisements before you will start paying any money. These include free analysis of the market and your competitors, collecting the semantic core and keywords, determining keyword bids (CPC), the cost of one lead (CPL), and the number of leads within your budget.

Site Audit

The next step is the audit of the website, which will help you see the internal and external problems and how to get even better results from Google advertisements. During the conversation with each client, we learn exactly the business goals; we analyze the external factors and needs of the target audience. We also analyze competitors to make your company better than others. That’s not enough to choose keywords and write good ads, you need to attract the user's attention, show a solution to his problem, and do it better than all competitors. Website/landing page changes allow us to better convert users and give our partners the desired result from Google advertising.

Free setup and launch of Google advertisements

Next, we produce advertising campaigns, prescribe unique advertisements to get the great clickability of targeted customers. People who have searched for your products or services via the Internet and are ready to purchase are our main target.

Knowing the algorithms, we will place your advertising on the first page of search engines and it will be visible to a large number of Google users. We will choose the ads schedule, city, country, time, and audience to achieve the best profitability of your ads. You can pause, increase or decrease your budget at any time. After launching the campaign, Webugol analyzes the results to improve weaknesses and increase the profitability of advertising every single day.

Webugol prepares and launches Google advertisements, as well as makes optimizations for a month free of charge until we receive the indicated results. This means that you pay for the first month of Google advertisements only if the results are achieved.

Google advertisements Partners

Webugol's collaboration with Google Partner is a great advantage. This certification indicates that the agency has the technical skills and experience required to launch Google Ads campaigns. Our experts have been tested and know all about Google's best practices. The Google Partner Certificate allows us to stay up to date with the latest developments or programs and implement them into your business. In addition, starting in February 2022, Google will increase promotional credits for certified agencies by up to $ 500 for 60 days. Thus, working with us, you have the opportunity to pay from the money earned and get an additional ads bonus.

"Partnership" with each client

From the very beginning, we are not just a hired marketing agency, we are partners who always work for results. Developing a strategy side by side with the client and taking into account all interests, in-depth analysis through daily monitoring of the situation in advertising campaigns - this is the style of our team. Instead of promising a quick result, we work with each client to develop a complete business development scenario with its projected possible obstacles. We are for communication with clients, always ready for meetings to discuss further steps of your company's development.

Each client is individual for us, so we always analyze which features will be profitable for some clients, while not suitable for others. Therefore, each client is individual, and each ad placement is different. Ads configured in Google advertisements for potential YouTube customers may work, but custom search ads may not. That's why we always choose the best option for your business. The results of our clients speak for us, just check our projects section.

Why choose Webugol?

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The Webugol marketing team always keeps its finger on the pulse, regularly reviewing analytics and reacting quickly when something doesn't work. That's why we offer the first month of free Google advertisements - because we are so confident about our work!

As industry professionals, we stay ahead of marketing trends and change strategies when needed. We have been thinking outside the box for years, and we are ready to try to make strategic changes to get the best results. Speed, adaptability, and flexibility are the main characteristics of our company. In addition, each client receives individual attention. This means meeting everyone in your account, meeting the team, gaining personal attention, building strong relationships, and having an agency that takes the time to understand your business inside and outside. Also, when you pick up the phone, someone you really know will always be able to answer any of your questions.