04 Jan
Google Ads for a roofing company

Whether you have a large or small roofing company, it's substantial to have online visibility. Nowadays, each local businesses know how to use the Internet properly, so the door for online promotion is open.

Do you know how your potential customers look for roofing services in their area? They search on Google. And it is convenient: in a few clicks, he gets all the necessary information: opening hours, address, phone number, customer reviews, etc. 

Today, it is estimated that one in two Internet users who have done a local search with their mobile phone has visited at least one store or placed an order on the same day. That is colossal! And that's why, to achieve rapid growth and get more calls, - most entrepreneurs have optimized their presence on Google.

However, many businesses stopped after a few months of working with Google because paid links became too expensive, and the competition was too hard. Some turned to specialized agencies, but did not get any significant results. The reality is that just a few businesses use Google Ads effectively, and many fall into a trap. 

One of the best ways to maximize your visibility is to choose Google Ads for a roofing company. The advantage of these Google Ad campaigns is that they are prominent. They appear in the first position before organic results, that is, non-advertising ones.

They are recognized by the "advertisement" insert.

That is a fantastic opportunity for you to attract potential customers who are already on the path to purchasing and increasing your sales.

Why use Google Ads for a roofing company? 

A) To achieve excellent results

Google Ads for local businesses usually produce good results.

By targeting specific keywords (or even a specific location), you reach a highly qualified audience already profound in the buying process.

Let's say you're a roofing contractor in Toronto.

There are dozens of roofing contractors in the area, and half are doing their business offline, less likely to think about creating a campaign on Google. This is an opportunity for you to play your game well.

Because people looking for a roofer in Toronto in Google will come across your business directly. 

B) Controlled budget

"Yes, but advertising on Google is expensive. I don't have a budget."

Not if you're clever!

Keep in mind that the cost of a Google Ads advertisement depends on several criteria, including its relevance.

So, it's true, keywords like "roofer" can be costly because they are very competitive.

And it will be complicated to prove to Google that you are the most relevant for such queries. After all, you probably offer very similar services or products to others.

It is better to exclude overly general keywords and place yourself for more specific queries. 

TIP #1. Link your Google Ads account with your Google My Business account

Want to start with Google Ads for a roofing company?

First, make sure you have a Google My Business account. It is a must for all contractors and local businesses.

Local SEO

Google My Business is a free service that allows you to find links to you in the search engine.


In particular, you will benefit from a simple page with important information about your business, such as your mailing address, website link, hours of operation, phone number, and customer reviews.

TIP #2. Consider setting up Geo-targeting in Google Ads

Remember, you don't have to have your ad campaigns seen by everyone, especially if you're a local business. Google Ads allows you to target Internet users in a radius near your local business:

  • In your area;

  • In your department;

  • In your city;

  • Or within a specific geographic radius (district, for example, etc.)

Only people in the range you select will see your ad.

Let's say you opened a grocery store in downtown Brampton. It is useless to target all people who are in Canada or even in Ontario. Your prospect is from Brampton and lives downtown. With geo-targeting, you can reach them directly without spending your budget on people outside your service area.

TIP #3. Use the right extensions to advertise your local business on Google Ads 

The number of characters in Google Ads is limited.

You cannot exceed 30 characters for titles and 90 characters for descriptions. It is very short, so you need to be clear and concise at the same time.

Fortunately, Google allows you to add extensions to your ads. You have the option to add information (such as your contact details, additional links, customer reviews, product price, etc.) in addition to the location provided.

There are two extensions of interest to local businesses: address extension and phone extension. 

A) Location expansion

The location extension allows you to enter your geographic location.

The user needs to click on the address to find out her location. It will redirect you to a Google Map, where your address will be shown on the map along with the distance you need to walk or drive. 


B) Extension of appeal

As the name suggests, the call extension allows you to add your phone number directly to Google Ads.

With this extension, your potential customer can call you with just one click.


This option is helpful for emergency services (for example, if you work as a plumber, repairman, locksmith, etc.). In these situations, potential customers need a speedy solution to their problem and want immediate contact.

TIP #4. Pay attention when writing Google Advertising

As we have seen, you have limited space to describe your proposal. Therefore, you should be concise and precise. Also, be sure to use simple terms that everyone can understand. In short, don't use technical jargon. Your potential customer needs to understand your message right away.

Another important point: do not forget to indicate the name of your territory in the Internet advertisement. For example, if you work in Durham, include that in your title or at least in your description. Your location should be obvious to your potential customers.

Ads on Google Ads for a roofing company can work very well, but only if they are well-targeted. Roofing is a specialized industry, so make sure your ads are targeted to people who need roofing services. If your ads are too general, they may not be effective.

A postcard can be distributed thousands of times without knowing if it is effective. However, Google Ads allows you to track every click, ad impression, and conversion. Thanks to analytics, you will know how many potential customers you attract.

The key is to create a well-targeted campaign that includes relevant keywords and ad text that resonates with potential customers.
Roofers who take the time to optimize their campaigns will get the best results!