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Partington Plastic Surgery
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Partington Plastic Surgery, under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Marshall T. Partington, turned to Webugol to amplify their online presence for specific cosmetic and aesthetic services like breast augmentation and labiaplasty. With an already established advertising footprint, the clinic sought to refine and enhance its Google Ads campaigns for more personalized and effective outreach.

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Business description:

Located at the forefront of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, Partington Plastic Surgery is led by the Ivy League-educated and award-winning plastic surgeon, Dr. Marshall T. Partington. The clinic is renowned for its specialized approach in Scar-Less Wedge Labiaplasty, aiming to enhance patients' lives through empathy-driven, high-quality care. Their commitment to understanding patient goals, combined with state-of-the-art facilities, positions them uniquely in the realm of transformative cosmetic procedures.

Customer Needs:

  • Analyze and revamp existing Google Ads campaigns to better align with the clinic’s specialized services, such as breast augmentation and labiaplasty.
  • Conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of the clinic's website, proposing and implementing changes to boost site conversion rates and the overall effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Develop new semantic cores, cluster them, and craft unique text ads tailored to the clinic’s key services.
  • Launch targeted search advertising campaigns within specified territories and budget constraints.
  • Initiate the RMax campaign specifically for breast augmentation, leveraging current semantic cores to accurately target the intended audience, complemented by new titles, descriptions, and custom creatives.


While Partington Plastic Surgery had active advertising campaigns, they lacked the specificity and personalization needed for the clinic’s key services, necessitating a strategic overhaul for better targeting and engagement.


  1. A thorough analysis of the existing advertising efforts led to a strategic decision to halt and rewrite the campaigns for greater personalization and service focus.
  2. An SEO audit of the website was carried out, resulting in actionable changes aimed at improving site conversion rates and enhancing the synergy with the planned advertising campaigns.
  3. New semantic cores were meticulously gathered, enabling the creation of unique and service-specific text ads.
  4. Search advertising campaigns were strategically launched in carefully selected territories, adhering to budget limitations, to ensure precise targeting.
  5. The RMax breast augmentation campaign was prepared and launched, utilizing the refined semantic core and newly developed creatives to reach and engage the target audience effectively.


Partington Plastic Surgery RESULTS

The restructuring and launch of the search advertising campaigns marked a successful pivot towards more targeted and service-specific marketing efforts.

The initiation of the RMax campaign for breast augmentation showcased a tailored approach to reaching potential clients, with early results indicating effective audience engagement.

Business Value:

Webugol’s comprehensive strategy for Partington Plastic Surgery encompassed a critical analysis and restructuring of existing advertising campaigns, a detailed SEO audit with implemented site improvements, and the launch of targeted advertising campaigns. These efforts were aimed at enhancing online visibility for specific services, thereby attracting a more aligned audience. Continuous monitoring and cost adjustments ensure that the campaigns remain cost-efficient and effective, fostering growth and expanding the clinic’s reach in the highly competitive cosmetic surgery industry.