22 Dec
Strategic Business Sessions 2022!
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New Year 2022 is coming, the year of new challenges, goals, and hopes!

To make your next business year successful you definitely need to plan it. Business strategy is the crucial thing for each business. It will help you to choose the right development direction for you, your team, and your business!
Each year we in Webugol are doing strategic sessions and want to share our experience with you. Let’s divide it by questions:


The strategic session is a crucial thing for your yearly management decisions. The goals you will include in it will affect your day-to-day work and will not let you get out of your way.
Invest in the new store or go online? Hire more staff or increase team salaries? Each time you will need to make a decision – you will correlate it with your strategic plan.


The strategic session must involve all your team related to one segment of the business. As so they will understand your decisions and will follow you on the way of implementing your goals. If your business has different segments and divisions – do multiple strategic sessions with each. Finally don’t forget to unite them and tell everybody where are you going together.


The strategic session must include measurable goals. You can’t add something that cannot be tracked or calculated. Even if this calculation will be yes (1) or no (0). We often include such important parts: products, clients, marketing, sales, finance, and staff. Don’t forget – your goals must be strategic, the sign of the contract with company A is not a strategic goal.


We always do our strategic sessions after the New Year. It’s crucial to have a pre-meeting with your team to ask them to prepare the year results and explain how the strategic sessions will look like. Before knowing where you go – you need to know where you stand.

For how long?

We recommend developing a half-year or yearly strategy. The current worldwide situation and the local situation on the markets require planning for the briefer periods. Too many things can change during the year!

And don’t forget to plan the budgets for your digital marketing development. Every business needs the fuel – the leads.