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What is h1 tag in SEO
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What is the h1 tag and what is it for?

One of the most important signals for Google is the first level header - the h1 tag. It is inferior to the title tag, but the keywords it contains also have a big impact on promotion.

Headlines h1 are a guide to promoting Google's services or products, so h1 should be of interest to your site visitor. They are important not only in terms of SEO. The purpose of the title h1 is to keep the reader interested - or rather, to want to read the next sentence and all the content.

What is h1 tag in SEO

So, in our work, we, the seo-specialists of Webugol, have a strategy for filling in the headlines h1. The most frequent keywords are written in title, and the next in h1

In these two tags you can use the same words, but if they are synonymous.

Lower headers, such as h2, h3…, are less important signals for Google's search engine. They can include low-frequency keywords. And those keys that "do not fit" in the headings, we use in the text.

Why write the h1 tag?

Proper completion of the meta tag h1 is very important for SEO-promotion of the website. The semantic core of the website must be compiled before writing meta tags, because the h1 must be unique and match the content of the page. Main points:

• to increase CTR pages you need to make an attractive and correct meta tag h1.

• h1 reports Google's about the site's page and helps it evaluate it according to user searches.

• it is h1 that interests and attracts the customer's attention to your page.

How many h1 tags can be on the site?

h1 is the title from which the article begins. The title tag is the title of the article, so h1 should never duplicate title. But they can and should be similar. You cannot use more than one h1 tag on a single page, as this will reduce Google's page rank or site rank. You also don't need to make the h1 tag too long and do not respam keywords, as such a headline may be subject to Google sanctions.

You may have noticed that Google may use the title h1 instead of title in search results. This is the case when Google cannot find the title tag, or when it is not relevant to the search query, it selects the most relevant content from the site page, and the h1 tag can be used.

Why are h1 tags so important for SEO?

Tags h1 are important for SEO because they help Google search engines understand the site and make it accessible and user-friendly. Therefore, it is crucial that the content on the site was clear, concise and understandable to the client, and h1 is the beginning and basis of the page.

What do we recommend when using the h1 tag?

h1 tag

The haste of your business and your site in particular depends on the meta tag h1, so we recommend the following:

• h1 should be above all other meta tags on the page, and it should be one and as close as possible to the title.

• you should never tag internal or external links, only text, with a clearly defined font. Everything unnecessary and wrong will ruin the ranking of your website.

• you can make the h1 tag a picture.

• avoid duplication and spamming with keywords.

• do not write meaningless headlines h1 that are not related to the content on the page.

• write the h1 tag correctly, without grammatical errors - it affects the reputation of your brand.

• the length of the h1 tag must not exceed 65 characters for proper ranking.

How to check the h1 tag?

In order to determine whether the h1 on your site are properly composed and used, you need to perform a technical audit of the site. In addition, you can perform a detailed analysis of the page according to the semantics and evaluate the behavior of users on the page in the analytics.

Webugol offers free SEO audit of your website!

Seo Mistakes That Make Your Site Never Get In The Top 10

Getting a site in the top 10 is difficult, but it's not the easiest thing to keep in the top.

Let's look at the main mistakes why your site may NEVER be in the top 10 of Google:

• lack of title meta tags, h1, description.

• errors in title meta tags, h1, description. (Length title, h1 - no more than 65 characters, description - 135 characters.)

• Title should not repeat h1, and vice versa.

• duplicate h1 tags.


If you are unable to understand and make sure that your site does not have any serious errors and problems with the h1 tags and to check and eliminate them in time, contact Webugol. Our specialists will conduct a free SEO technical audit of your website and will provide all the recommendations. To get it you can call us or leave a request on our website, and we will contact you soon.

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