16 Mar
Backlinks for local SEO: how to choose strategy?
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Why are local SEO backlinks so crucial?

Local SEO backlinks are links leading to your website that come from local directories in your area. This improves the visibility of your business and is essential to optimization. Businesses that rank higher in local search results through the use of local SEO backlinks may see an increase in impressions, visibility, and customers.

Backlinks for local SEO are one of the most significant factors in local ranking. According to a Whitespark analysis, local links will be the second-most important local organic ranking factor in 2023, right behind on-page signals.

What is the difference between a local link and an external link?

linkThe location of the link's origin primarily determines how local and external links differ. An external link points to a website or page outside the original domain, whereas a local link points to a website or page within the same domain. In order to boost visibility in local search engine results pages (SERPs), local SEO backlinks are those that originate from local websites and directories.

These are especially vital for companies with physical locations, since these backlinks might make it easier for customers to find them online. On the other hand, external links originate from unrelated websites but nevertheless serve a vital purpose by making it simple for readers to acquire further information about the subject of what they have just read.

Google Maps and Backlinks for Local SEO

local seoOne of the most crucial resources for businesses is Google Maps. The first place a customer typically looks when searching for information about a business's goods or services is Google Maps. If you optimize your business information on Google Maps, it will be simpler for potential customers to locate you when they search for terms relating to your products, items, or services.

Include pictures and detailed descriptions of your products, services, and company information to make it easier for customers to find you.

Adding links to reputable websites can also help you rank higher on Google Maps, making it simpler for clients to locate you when they search for your products or services.

Customers can also leave reviews on the platform. When potential customers visit the page, they can read honest reviews from people who have actually used the service.

How many backlinks from local search engines do I need for my website?

How many backlinks from local search engines your site needs will depend on a number of factors.

For example, the overall success of your link-building strategy will depend on the domain authority of your site and how competitive the keywords are for the competitors you are helping.

Concentrating on quantity and quality is crucial when creating local links.

Backlinks for local SEO by Webugol

Find industry directories similar to your business industry

One of the best ways to build local SEO backlinks is to use industry directories, which are a great way to promote your local business and connect with local clients.

Local websites that link to your website or business should be trustworthy and offer content that is relevant to it (i.e., related industries).

The best sources to find possible recommendations are free local directories, directory websites, big industry websites, and other neighborhood websites.

These local SEO backlinks make it easier for potential customers to access your website and learn more about your business.

Create social media profiles for your business

backlinks for local seoCreating a social media profile can be a good way for local businesses to build backlinks for local SEO. On popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can set up a profile.

Local businesses can reach more customers in their area and further away by improving their social media profiles and using local SEO backlinks. On each profile page, write keyword-rich content to increase traffic to the pages.

Local businesses can build relationships with their customers and attract new ones by posting regularly about their products or services and holding contests or promotions. This kind of interaction will also boost the number of likes and shares, which is crucial for growing your local search rankings.

Find local newspapers, forums, and communities

Local businesses can drive local traffic to their website or online presence and get more exposure in the local market by getting backlinks from local newspapers, forums, and communities.

When building local backlinks, choosing high-authority local websites with strong domain authority is important. Because local newspapers, forums, and communities can often provide links from sites with high domain authority, they are ideal candidates for building local SEO backlinks. Local newspapers often have active readers who are interested in news about their local community, which gives a company a great opportunity to publish content related to a particular topic to get people's attention.

Reach out to local bloggers or influencers

You can get local backlinks for your business by contacting bloggers or people with a lot of influence in your area.

When you get in touch, be specific about the kind of content you're looking for, including the subjects and style you want to employ. Include facts and figures about your industry or tell interesting stories to get people interested. By making your stories more semantically rich, you might make it easier for people to connect with your content and your brand. This will increase your chances of getting published and getting local backlinks for your business in the long run.

Keep tracking your competitors' backlinks

seo specialist

1. Track backlinks with tools like Ahrefs.

2. Regularly manually search local directories and websites for competitor links.

3. Configure notifications to inform you when your rivals acquire fresh local SEO backlinks.

4. Keep an eye on the social media accounts of your rivals.

5. Examine the local SEO backlinks on rival websites.

6. Make targeted information campaigns to get backlinks from businesses in your niche that are related to your niche.

7. Do internet influencer research to obtain quality local SEO backlinks.

8. Make sure your website has a lot of great content that other sites can link to.

9. Determine what means (blogs, publications, etc.) competitors use to get links.

10. Use broken or outdated links on competitors' sites and try to replace them with your own.

What are the benefits of backlinks for local SEO?

When you use a local SEO backlink strategy, you can get more local traffic, a better SERP ranking, more brand recognition, a better customer experience, and better website performance overall. Local SEO backlinks tell search engines that a website's content is important and relevant, which helps it rank higher in search results. This increases the chances of attracting more attention and getting more clicks from potential customers who live nearby.

What is the biggest problem with backlinks for SEO?

The main problem with getting links for local SEO is the limited number of relevant donors. In narrow niches, the number of projects may be limited to a few dozen.

This number is obviously not enough to keep the profile high in the long run, so the scope of relevant projects will have to be widened. And this can lead to a blurring of the reference weight.

You can partially solve the problem with the help of tools and services. Donors have convenient filters that help narrow down the search by promotion region, language, subject, and keywords in meta tags.


At Webugol, we know that making a good local search engine backlink strategy is hard work that takes hours to find the best connections for your website. We offer a full range of local search engine optimization services to help you with this. So that you can get more organic traffic from local search engines, we help you find trustworthy local websites that are relevant to your business and create great content that can be linked to. After that, we use our industry-leading link-matching tools to get high-quality local SEO backlinks from these local sources. This will raise your overall link profile as well as your local visibility, which will help you rank higher across all search engines.

Our team has years of experience in the field and stays up-to-date on the latest local trends and SEO best practices so that we can always improve our strategy for the best results. Webugol can help you set up a backlink strategy by making sure that relevant local websites link to yours. This will improve your local rankings and overall organic visibility.