19 Sep
Google Ads for plumbers and plumbing companies
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How to advertise your plumbing services online? How to attract customers when you are the owner of a plumbing company? All owners of these companies face these questions.

To quickly be visible on the Internet and to implement a real digital strategy, advertising on Google is the best solution.

So how do you start a Google Ads campaign? How much does it cost? How to get a good return on investment (ROI) and what are the pitfalls to avoid? In this article, you will find answers to all questions!

Google Ads, how does it work?

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With more than 3.8 million queries per minute, Google is the most used search engine in the world. When you type "plumber" on your keyboard, Google responds to your search intent. This is shown to you in several ways. We will focus on the results on the first page of Google results. There are two main types of responses to your query:

  1. So-called organic responses obtained through organic optimization (SEO) or local optimization (Local SEO)
  2. Google advertisements in the form of advertisements placed at the top and bottom of the results page are called "Google ads". That is, we pay Google to show you in priority as a company, for example, plumbing company.

Specifically, if you want to appear first, before all your competitors, you have to pay to show your ad on Google. How to do it? The first step is to create the Google Ads account to run an online advertising campaign.

How to start creating ads on Google to promote your plumbing business?

If you want to have good visibility and attract new potential customers for plumbing services, Google Ads is a powerful and fast tool.

The world of plumbing services is very wide and rich in various competitors. Having an online storefront is no longer enough. To attract customers and get a good conversion rate, paid search can be a profitable tool. Before starting your Google Ads campaign, you must have:

– The Google account is linked to your email address.

– A website that is indexed by search engines, attractive, and with a functional landing page.

After that, you can also set up the ads yourself by watching various YouTube videos. But, it will not act like a magic wand! Launching any plumbing repair or installation campaign yourself, you may not get the desired result and be disappointed in this tool. Therefore, we recommend contacting with Google ads specialists like our company - this will help you save time and money. But before calling a company you need to know certain main points of Google advertising.

Keywords that have a cost per click

Each ad created is associated with a keyword selection that has a value. We are talking about an auction. You will find these keywords when you start a new campaign in the available Google Keyword Planner tool. For example, if you are a plumber and you want to rank for the keywords "plumber in the USA" or "emergency plumber", you need to know that each word has a price determined by Google. Every time someone clicks on your ad, depending on the keyword you choose, it costs you money.

An example of Google Ads campaign for a plumbing company: bids, CPC and QS

In Google Ads, the word "plumber" costs between $1.37 and $12.74. The word "emergency plumber" costs between $8.97 and $14.02 per click. We are talking about CPC - cost per click. Why two tariffs? Because Google shows two types of ads. Those at the top of the results page, the most prominent, belong to the high range. That's why they are the most expensive. Those at the bottom of the page are in the lower range. You will find that the high range costs more because it guarantees you better positioning. But that's not all

The choice of your keyword correlates with the volume of users' searches, the quality of your website and target page (QS = Quality Score). With an example, you will better understand how an auction campaign works.

Example of Google Ads campaign with the keyword "emergency plumber"

Number of requests per month: 1000

Low range bid: $8.97

High range bid: $14.02

Approximate click-through rate: 5%

1,000 x $8.97 = $8,970 with a 5% CTR: $2,000 x 0.05 = $448.50

1000 x $14.02 = $14,020 with a 5% click-through rate: $15,900 x 0.05 = $701

In summary, to position yourself in the USA at the top of the page, in the first 5 positions, for the keyword "emergency plumber", you need to spend between $448.50 and $701 every month. Also, if your quality score is high, you have every chance to be the first to show your ad.

By advertising on Google, you control your budget

Some founders or CEOs fear seeing their budgets explode. It is impossible. You will never receive an invoice for hundreds or thousands of dollars unless you decided so.

Here is how Google Ads budget works. You define a maximum daily budget for each campaign. For example, if your budget is $900/month, you divide it by 30 and get $30/day. In addition, you determine the bid limit for each keyword. When your budget is exhausted and you can no longer pay, Google will simply stop showing your ads.

Should You Use Google Ads If You Are A plumber or plumbing company?

This is a question that comes up often. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on advertising every month. It all depends on your structure and the size of your business. Remember, if you're on the first page of Google, the phone will be ringing, so there will be customers. A Google Ads campaign will easily drive traffic to your website and generate inquiries for your plumbing services.

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Also, Google doesn't have to be your only marketing avenue. A Google Ads campaign can be difficult for beginners to master. We know that small plumbing companies have little time to devote to a time-consuming and tiring advertising campaign. Online reputation, traditional communication, branding, business cards, and word of mouth remain a safe assets for every company.

The Internet has changed consumer habits, and digital transformation is a major challenge for all businesses. Whether you're a craftsman or a builder, ignoring your web presence risks jeopardizing your sales and the stability of your business.

Successful use of the Google Ads tool has many advantages: the most accurate targeting of potential customers, the selection of keywords and geographic region, and display on the first page of search engine results. If any Google campaign is poorly designed or configured, it can quickly become time-consuming and fall short of your expectations.

If you want to launch profitable ads for your plumbing company on Google contact Webugol and we will show you how to achieve the desired results!