08 Apr
How much does SEO cost?
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The costs of SEO optimization can vary depending on many criteria. Among them the main ones are:

• Whether the emerging website should be developed, or a website already exists and functions.

• Whether SEO optimization will be led by a professional or an amateur.

• What is the number of competitors (number of search results) for the given area.

SEO cost

The input SEO analysis should inform about the gross costs of SEO optimization. SEO analysis determines the initial and required state, the area of keywords for which the website should be optimized and its competitiveness, and describes the steps necessary for SEO optimization. Based on this information, it is possible to outline the amount of money that will be needed to achieve the goals.

But beware, this does not give the final cost of SEO. SEO is not just a one-time action that could be terminated at some point and its results would remain fixed. The algorithms of search engines are constantly evolving, which also changes the order of the displayed results. The second reason is that the competitors do not sleep and also perform SEO optimization of their website.

SEO is therefore a continuous process of keeping the website at the forefront. SEO costs can be divided into the input costs given by SEO analysis and maintenance costs. Maintenance costs are, of course, much lower than input costs, but they still need to be spent on tracking developments, positions, conversions and other important indicators of website success.

Costs of optimizing new websites

When creating new websites, the costs of building them and the costs of optimization are the same to some extent. Today, most quality programmers are already aware of SEO and therefore they perform basic SEO optimization during web development. This is achieved, for example, by the purity and validity of the source code or by using SEO-friendly URLs.

SEO also includes the creation of attractive texts for users and search engines. Here, it's a good idea to first do a keyword analysis in order to determine which words your website should be optimized for. Based on this analysis, it is possible to proceed with the copywriting of articles. If the keyword analysis and articles are prepared by an expert, the costs are higher, however, the quality of the work done is also at a higher level.

There are also some costs involved in building backlinks when developing a website. The website should be registered at least in the main catalogs.

Costs of optimizing established websites

When optimizing the organic visibility of already established websites, it is necessary to take into account higher costs than for emerging websites. First, it is necessary to prepare a detailed analysis that describes the shortcomings of the website in terms of SEO. Then it is necessary to proceed to eliminate these shortcomings. These costs could often be avoided if the basic SEO optimization was already done during the construction of the website, this is especially true for the source code of the website.

For incorrectly written texts, it is possible to rely on existing content, which can be modified into a form suitable for SEO. Thus, a larger number of keywords is included in the articles, they are suitably structured, and headings, bullets or bold texts are added to them. Of course, the cost of these edits is lower than if the texts were rewritten.
If there are not enough backlinks to the website, you will also need to invest in link building. These costs are the same as for the newly emerging website.

Costs of optimizing

SEO optimization by yourself

If the owner has enough time, it is possible to perform the optimization by himself, which can often reduce the cost of SEO. However, this procedure carries certain risks. First of all, a layman will take much longer than an SEO expert, as he will have to find at least basic information about SEO optimization. However, he will never gain enough experience to perform SEO optimization at the same level as a professional.

There is also a risk that the layman will not correctly recognize the permitted and prohibited SEO optimization techniques and his website will be penalized for using illegal practices.

The penalty may move the website to the end of the search results, or the search engine may stop displaying it altogether. Getting the website back to its original position could cost a lot of time and effort, and the seemingly cost can increase many times over.

SEO optimization from a professional

There are already a lot of agencies dealing with SEO optimization of their clients' websites. As in other fields, the prices for services can vary significantly.

Webugol offers some services for free, for example, SEO analysis of websites. This offer is certainly tempting, but it is necessary to clarify the conditions of further cooperation in advance, especially whether it is necessary to have this agency subsequently optimize the website.

We also offer the option to pay for SEO depending on the results of the optimization. Success can be judged, for example, by achieving a certain position in search results, increasing the number of visitors, or the number of conversions on the site. The price for achieving results is usually set in advance on the basis of individual requirements for results. Even in this case, however, it is necessary to clearly define the conditions of cooperation.

from a professional

Industry Competitiveness

Whether SEO optimization is performed by an amateur or a professional, on a new or established website, the competitiveness of the area for which the optimization is performed is very important. Of course, optimization is much easier in an industry with fewer search results and lower levels of SEO optimization from competitors. The costs of optimization, for example, for the field of medical devices (197 thousand results in Google) will be incomparably lower than, for example, for the field of sports equipment (almost 2 million results).

It also plays a role if the optimization is performed on general keywords or on specific words. In this regard, the more specific a keyword, the lower the cost of SEO optimization.

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