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What are SEO Techniques?
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What are SEO

What are SEO Techniques

SEO uses a variety of techniques to achieve the best position of the website in search engines. These techniques can generally be divided into permitted, so-called white SEO techniques, and prohibited so-called black SEO techniques. When doing SEO optimization, you can focus on factors on and off the page. Similarly, SEO techniques can be divided into those that affect factors on the page and off the page.
In this article, we will describe the different optimization techniques and explain how they work. We will also explain which techniques are most effective in terms of SEO.

White SEO techniques

This group includes SEO techniques that are not only allowed for optimization but are also directly recommended, and search engines see the great importance of their use. In the past, almost all SEO techniques fell into this category because search engines could not recognize their fraudulent nature. As search engine algorithms evolved and improved, the use of certain techniques was gradually banned and punished, creating a division between white SEO and black SEO.
SEO techniques can be divided into techniques that affect factors on and off the page.

White SEO


Techniques that influence the factors on the page

Web copywriting

Web copywriting is one of the most important areas of SEO technology, as it helps to create texts that are attractive to search engines. Properly written text should contain a sufficient number of keywords for which optimized pages (4-7% of the total number of words are given as the optimal keyword density).
Another rule to follow when creating content is the uniqueness of the texts. This means that every text that appears on the Internet must be different, you can not even use the same passages or paragraphs in reverse order. Search engines evaluate such texts as duplicates, and then the relevance is attached to only one of them. Other articles with recurring content are usually ignored. The content of the website should also be up to date and should be changed regularly.

Use short and clear URLs

URLs should always be as short and clear as possible for users. They should not contain a random cluster of symbols and numbers, which was common especially for sites created a long time ago. In contrast, we recommend using keywords in URLs to increase a site's relevance to a search query. The advantage of clear and concise URLs from the user's point of view is their easy memorization and direct access to the page by entering the address in a web browser.

Use of HTML (XHTML) tags according to standards

When programming web pages (both HTML and XHTML), the emphasis should be on the proper use of formatting tags, such as h1 to h6 for level headers, strong for bold text, and so on. If the title is determined only by the size or color of the font, the search engine will not give it the same value as for properly formatted titles.

Proper Meta tags

Meta tags provide basic information about a website, such as what encoding it uses, who authored it, and more. From an SEO point of view, it is important to fill in the description meta tag, robots, etc. The description meta tag should include a description of what the website page is about. Search engines give this meta tag a lot of weight, so it is important that it correctly describes the content of the website. It's also a good idea to include keywords that are relevant to this page.
The robot meta tag tells the search engine what to do with the page, i.e. whether to index it, whether to index links on this website and so on. A revisit after the metatag tells the search engine robot how long it takes to revisit the website, i.e. how long it takes to update it.

Techniques Affecting Off-Page Factors

Link Building

This technique is important for SEO because it helps you get backlinks to your website. When creating links, the website is registered in directories, links are inserted into online discussions, forums, etc. When creating links, you need to understand that links from different sites have different weights given by the page rank of that site. The value of page rank informs the search engine about the quality of the website, according to which it also gives weight to the link. Contextual links are also evaluated differently, i.e. measuring sites that deal with the same topic as the landing page and non-contextual links, i.e. focusing on a completely different topic.
Another way to build links with link baiting is one of the most difficult. We need to create content that is so interesting that the link to the website will be distributed on the Internet because of its popularity among users. This technique is sometimes called viral marketing.

Creating microsites

Microsites are small websites that specialize in a specific product, product line, or service. Their goal is to create high-density websites with a small range of keywords, which makes the search engine relevant to these queries. In this way, they allow you to achieve better positions than with a large website such as an e-shop. After searching for a query, users first get to the microsite, which then redirects them to the main site. In addition to a better position in search engines, the creation of microsites has another advantage, namely that these satellite sites provide quality and relevant backlinks.

Black SEO techniques

The use of unauthorized search engine techniques today is usually easy to detect and subsequently punish. The penalty may be to reduce the position in the search results or completely remove them from the list of search results. However, in the past, search engines were not always able to identify these banned devices, so they were very popular, especially in the 1990s, and were very often used on websites. Their popularity was due to the fact that websites optimized using the "black" techniques, received a very high level of relevance to search engines and put them in the top positions.
Currently, their use is declining, thanks to improved search engine algorithms and their easy detection. Black SEO specialists can only work for a very short time before they are identified, their long-term effect is only negative.

Black SEO

The most commonly used “black” SEO techniques are:


A website with good positions in search results provides content that is different from what users see. In this way, the content of the search engine can be customized exactly to its algorithms, and visitors will be able to see a website optimized from the user's point of view.

Door page

As in the case of masking, search engines are presented with other content, namely a specially-designed landing page. This landing page usually contains a large number of duplicate keywords or text links. This page is redirected using javascript to the main site or banner ads linking to the target site.

Hidden content

The use of hidden content on the web can take many forms. For example, you can paste the text under an image or background with the same font color, hide it with CSS styles, or use a zero font size.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is created when identical texts are inserted into several different URLs. Search engines can detect duplicate content and then index only one page of text, ignoring others. Instead of cheating, it's often a web programming error (for example, sites that run with or without www before a URL can be considered duplicate content), so search engines don't usually penalize duplicate content.

Link farms

Link farms consist of many websites that are linked to, which artificially raises their page rank. Link farms are now a forbidden method, so it's not advisable to link to them or get backlinks from them.

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