28 Apr
How to increase your website traffic
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A website has long been an absolute necessity for any business that wants to reach a wide audience. However, it is clear that its existence is far from enough to achieve the desired business results.

Huge online competition, as well as continiously increasing user requirements, need constant diligence, work, and testing of various methods and tactics to achieve the goals.

increase your website traffic

In the following lines, we've described 11 ways to help index your website site, as well as increase organic traffic to it.

Content Marketing

Content is the King

Content is the king of every website. This is what gives search engines information about the products and services you offer, and this is what will help you reach your target audience. It is no coincidence that we so often talk about creating quality and relevant content.

Of course, content can be in the form of text, video or a variety of visual elements. It all depends on how you want to communicate with your audience and what message you want to convey.

Useful content

No matter in which field you work and who your target users are, you can definitely tell something new and interesting. The more you update, the better your chances of getting the traffic you want from your content.

Evergreen content

As you may have guessed, this type of content does not lose its relevance over time. This includes instructions, product reviews, frequently asked questions, and more.
In fact, evergreen content can bring a significant amount of traffic over time precisely because it is always relevant and valuable.

Large content

Although some experts say that Google looks better at mass content (about 2,000 words), there is no exact rule. The only rule here is that the content is high quality and has real value to the reader.

If the topic can be told a maximum of 500 words, then we do not need to try to fill it more. Of course, if the topic is large-scale, then we must get the most out of it - it will certainly benefit us, search engines, and consumers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. The main advantage of this channel is that it is your own and gives you the freedom to try different strategies. In addition, e-mail can reach many people at an extremely low cost.

The users you contact via email already know you, have shown some interest on your website, and are more likely to return if you make the right offer.

Content as part of an email marketing strategy

As it has become clear, content is an important part of any website. In addition to achieving the best results in SERP, it can also be used in email strategies.

Interesting, and relevant content is a great way to remind your subscribers about your business. This way, you will often have to return to your site until you make a purchase decision.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In fact, choosing the right keywords and creating relevant content is only part of your SEO strategy to increase traffic to your site.

These are good SEO techniques that help reach more users. However, this also includes aspects such as download speed, user experience, external and internal links, and so on.

Technical condition of the site

The good technical condition includes fast download speed on both desktop and mobile devices, valid SSL certificate, adaptive design, no broken links, etc. The good functioning of the site is the key to its presentation to search engines, indexing, and ranking in the SERP.


External links to your website help build trust from search engines and, of course, users. However, it is important to remember that the quality of these links, as well as the sources from which they come, are much more important than their number.

Optimizing for the best sources of traffic

As we know, there are many channels and platforms through which we can reach consumers. However, we do not have to be present at all. The main thing is to find the ones that suit us best and invest money and effort in them.

To do this, we need to check what is the most serious source of quality traffic to the site.


Keywords research is needed to find the words, phrases, and search terms that users use most often to find what we offer.


High potential topics

In order to get the right users to our site, we need to show the right keywords. In other words, we need to target topics that can drive high traffic.

Long-tail keywords

Long keywords are usually characterized by low search volume but a much higher conversion rate. The reason for this is that users who are looking for longer phrases want to find something specific upfront in the consumer's funnel.

Presence in social networks

Since social networks are present in the lives of most users, we can not miss them while talking about attracting traffic to the site.

How to increase your website traffic

High activity

Different social networks use different audiences. Find the one that works for you and be active. Create content according to the requirements of a particular platform, communicate with users, and give them different reasons to communicate with you and share your content. In this way, you will reach a wider audience and create a base of loyal customers.


Achieving quality organic traffic to the site is certainly not an easy task. It usually takes a lot of research, effort, and testing before we can find a strategy that works for us.

Fortunately, there are proven practical methods that work perfectly. We need to change them according to our needs and characteristics.

The Webugol team will be happy to help you grow significant and profitable online traffic. Just try and fill the difference with Webugol.