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Aditi Desai Clinic
United Kingdom
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Aditi Desai Clinic, a prominent medical facility in London specializing in the treatment of Bruxism, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, and TMJ Disorder, partnered with Webugol to enhance their digital presence and customer acquisition through targeted Google Ads campaigns.

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Business description:

Aditi Desai Clinic is a well-established medical practice in London, dedicated to treating a variety of sleep-related disorders and dental issues. Their commitment to providing expert care and innovative treatments has made them a preferred choice for patients suffering from conditions like Bruxism, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea.

Customer Needs:

  • Conduct a comprehensive marketing analysis of the clinic’s website and the broader market to identify and rectify any existing errors.
  • Develop and cluster semantic cores for the clinic's main services to ensure targeted and effective advertising.
  • Set up a new Google Ads account and configure conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • Launch targeted advertising campaigns specifically for Snoring in the London area, with the flexibility to adjust and expand the campaigns based on initial results and market feedback.
  • Enhance the reach and impact of the campaigns by introducing a Pmax advertising strategy after establishing the initial search campaign’s success.
  • The main task in Facebook was to create an advertising account and set up a pixel to track conversions correctly.
  • The next step was to launch effective advertising at the clinic's location and maximize customer retention.
  • The main goal of advertising was to get calls to the doctor - this was tracked as the main conversion.


The clinic aimed to boost patient inflow and enhance brand recognition online but faced challenges with initial keyword accuracy and website technical issues that could hinder campaign effectiveness.

Solutions for Google Ads:

  1. Initial site and market analysis led to the identification of minor errors, prompting technical specifications for corrective programming, which were promptly implemented with client approval.
  2. Semantic cores were meticulously collected and clustered for the clinic's primary services, focusing initially on Snoring to tailor the advertising efforts.
  3. A new Google Ads account was created, and conversion tracking was set up to ensure precise measurement of campaign success.
  4. The advertising campaign for Snoring was launched with specific geographic targeting in London, closely monitored for performance and adjusted with an enhanced semantic core based on initial feedback.
  5. Following the success of the search campaign, a Pmax campaign was launched to strengthen the clinic's online presence, incorporating custom creatives and new text ads to capture a wider audience.

Results from Google Ads campaigns:

Aditi Desai Result Google Ads

The targeted approach in the Snoring campaign led to noticeable improvements in campaign performance and precision.

Adjustments made from the initial semantic core analysis enhanced the relevance and effectiveness of the ads, resulting in better engagement and conversion rates.

The introduction of the Pmax campaign further expanded the clinic's reach and bolstered its brand presence in the competitive London healthcare market.

Solutions for Meta Ads:

  1. In Facebook an advertising account was created and a pixel was set up to study the audience, track customer behavior, and learn.
  2. Next, we launched an advertising campaign that, thanks to the training, showed good results and increased the flow of customers.
  3. After that, we monitored the advertising campaign and its effectiveness, as well as made adjustments in case of negative indicators

Results from Meta Ads campaigns:

 Aditi Desai Result Meta Ads

Thanks to effective training in Facebook advertising, a good result was not long in coming, and the company performed well from the very beginning of its launch and improved its performance day by day.

Next came the scaling process.

Business Value:

Through Webugol’s strategic planning and execution, Aditi Desai Clinic significantly enhanced its digital marketing efforts, leading to improved patient engagement and increased brand visibility. The tailored Google Ads and Facebook campaigns, backed by detailed market analysis and continuous optimization, not only addressed the clinic's immediate needs but also positioned it for sustained growth and recognition in its specialized medical services. This comprehensive digital advertising approach helped solidify Aditi Desai Clinic’s standing as a leader in treating sleep-related disorders and dental issues in London.