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Atlas Men's Health
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Atlas Men's Health is a premier men's health clinic specializing in male hormone replacement, medical weight loss, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and other men's health services. The clinic offers personalized treatment plans to optimize health and wellness, focusing on affordable, quality healthcare. 

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Business Description:

Atlas Men's Health, a wellness clinic situated in Long Island, New York, is dedicated to offering top-notch health services, focusing on the unique needs of men and women to improve their overall well-being. The company partnered with Webugol to enhance its online presence and customer acquisition strategy through Google's advertising network.

Customer Needs:

  • Improve online visibility and attract more clients through targeted advertising on the Google network.
  • Develop a dedicated page for a key service identified by Webugol as having significant promotional potential, aiming to boost targeted advertising efforts.
  • Overhaul previous Google Ads efforts with effective conversion tracking mechanisms using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for future campaign performance measurement.
  • Collect and cluster a new semantic core for the creation of double-text ads, ensuring precise targeting.
  • Launch an initial search advertising campaign with specific geographic targeting within a defined budget, later expanding the reach to cover the entirety of Long Island.
  • Introduce creative materials, new text ads, and initiate a PMax campaign to deepen engagement with potential clients.
  • Adjust the campaign strategy to focus on optimizing lead quantity and quality, ensuring a steady flow of new customers daily.


Despite offering a wide range of services, Atlas Men's Health's initial attempts at Google Ads advertising were unsuccessful in achieving their desired outcomes, highlighting the need for a strategic overhaul and more effective targeting.


  1. Identified and filled a crucial gap in the clinic's online presence by creating a service-specific page to enhance targeted advertising.
  2. Established a robust foundation for tracking campaign performance with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.
  3. Launched a geographically targeted search advertising campaign, subsequently expanding its reach and incorporating creative strategies to engage a wider audience.
  4. Refined the campaign focus to improve lead quality and quantity, adapting strategies to ensure consistent customer acquisition.

Atlas Mens Health result


The targeted approach and strategic adjustments made by Webugol led to immediate and substantial improvements in campaign effectiveness, as demonstrated by the detailed performance graph of the last month.

Continuous optimization efforts have been maintained to ensure the efficiency of the advertising campaigns, including cost per conversion adjustments and campaign refinement to eliminate negative search terms.

Business Value:

Webugol's partnership with Atlas Men's Health has significantly enhanced the clinic's digital marketing strategy, leading to improved online visibility, targeted customer acquisition, and optimized advertising spend. By addressing initial shortcomings and implementing a focused, data-driven advertising strategy, Atlas Men's Health has not only expanded its reach within Long Island but also increased the quality and quantity of its leads, setting a foundation for sustained growth and success in the health services market.