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Campit RV rental company from Los Angeles addressed Webugol to get more client requests from Local SEO. The company takes care of everything during RV rental (delivery, setup, and pickup), so their clients can get the most out of vacation.

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Campit RV will make sure you get the most out of your holiday

We started with reconfiguring the existing account to get an instant boost in terms of impressions. We collected the local semantic core and created the content plan for local publications. Simultaneously, we started adding photos and working with the review to make the account grow faster. We made some website changes, as well, to get an additional rating from Google.

Here are the results of 3 months Local SEO works to compare:  

  • Local impression increased from 5.27k in July (high season) to 10.3k in October (low season)
  • Discovery searches (new clients’ searches) increased from 1.9k in July to 7.1k in October

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The conversion statistics raised proportionally! Now the company can get free leads (calls, driving directions and even RV bookings) without spending any $ for the traditional advertising.