Canadian dynamic flooring
Canadian dynamic flooring
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Canadian Dynamic Flooring is a luxury vinyl flooring supply company with years of experience in the flooring sales industry.

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Canadian dynamic flooring


Canadian Dynamic Flooring, a leading flooring solutions provider in Canada, was struggling to attract the right audience to its website despite having a wide range of high-quality products and services. They realized that their online presence needed a boost, and they turned to us, Webugol, a digital marketing agency with expertise in SEO and Google Ads, for help.


Webugol started by doing a thorough audit of Canadian Dynamic Flooring's website to find areas that needed to be fixed to improve search engine optimization (SEO). We optimized the website's content, meta tags, and URL structure, making it more SEO-friendly. We also conducted keyword research and implemented an effective keyword strategy to target the right audience with relevant search terms.

Along with SEO, our team also set up a targeted Google Ads campaign for Canadian Dynamic Flooring. We checked on the performance of the advertising campaign every day. They removed negative keywords and changed the advertising to fit the market. We also ensured that the ads were targeted to the right audience and optimized for conversions.


The results were impressive. Canadian Dynamic Flooring's website traffic increased within the first month of working with Webugol

The graph illustrates a performance comparison between the previous Google advertising campaign and ours during the first month of operation. Thanks to the correct configurations, we were able to significantly reduce the cost of conversion and increase sales. After the first month of cooperation, we also launched a local Performance Max advertising campaign.




Webugol's strategic approach to SEO and Google Ads, as well as our daily monitoring and optimization, helped Canadian Dynamic Flooring's online business a lot in quite short terms. By using relevant keywords and well-optimized ads to reach the right people, Canadian Dynamic Flooring was able to see a big rise in website traffic, leads, and sales. This case study shows how important it is for businesses to have a complete digital marketing strategy and how professionals like Webugol can help businesses reach their online goals.