Canadian dynamic flooring
Canadian dynamic flooring
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Canadian dynamic flooring is a luxury vinyl flooring supply company with years of experience in the flooring sales industry.

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Project details

To increase sales, Canadian dynamic flooring launched advertising on the Google search network, but it did not bring the expected results. The representatives of the Canadian dynamic flooring company turned to Webugol team to analyze existing advertising campaigns and make improvements. 

We thought through the current advertising campaigns and generated several recommendations for improvement. After the company representatives approved our plan, we decided to stop all advertising campaigns and created new ones based on the database obtained after market research.

Simultaneously with the semantic core collection, we provided an SEO audit of the website and created a list of advice concerning the website conversion rate improvement. 

  • We set up conversion tracking for the website, 
  • Clustered our semantic core and wrote text ads,
  • Set a budget and launched our advertising across Ontario.

The graph illustrates a performance comparison of the previous advertising campaign and ours during the first month of operation. Thanks to the correct settings, we were able to significantly reduce the cost of conversion and increase the number of sales.


After the first month of the process, we also launched a local Performance Max advertising campaign.

Every day we monitor the advertising campaign performance, clean up negative keywords and optimize advertising according to the market.