ETP – Elektro Techno Prom
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ElectroTechnoProm (ETP) implements modern cable solutions from leading European companies LAPPkable, Helukable, TKD, provides installation, service and warranty services.

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ElectroTechnoProm (ETP) implements modern cable solutions from leading European companies

To increase the customers flow, ElectroTechnoProm asked WebUgol. to run a Google Ads campaigns.

The peculiarity of this market is its narrowness and clear orientation, which allows you to qualitatively target advertising campaigns. At the same time, the small size of the market requires holding the first position of the auction to cover all possible requests and full use of the budget.

The existing site was developed many years ago and was completely unsuitable in terms of traffic conversion to customer traffic. It was decided to develop a landing page to launch an advertising campaign:

graph ETP

The prepared Google Ads campaign was agreed with the customer and launched.

After 2 weeks of the campaign, we see the absolute first position in the auction. Statistics can be viewed below:

table ETP

The advertising campaign is cleaned of negative keywords on a regular basis. An adjustment was also made to the upper limit of the auction bid to maximize the number of clicks within the existing budget, provided that the first position of the auction is maintained.

Analyzing the data on appeals during the first two weeks, we can determine the effectiveness and profitability of advertising campaigns.

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