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Lody Health
About company

Lody Health Klinik is a health clinic that provides consultations and services for cancer, heart, pain treatment, and cosmetic medicine. The company combines the latest and alternative approaches.

Services provided

Project details

A successful project in the field of medicine

Representatives of the clinic contact the WebUgol team with a request to customize Google Ads and manage their social networks.

When we began our advertising campaigns and social media management, we created business profiles for the clinic on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Taking the website as a next step, we carefully learned the structure of the «Lody Health Klinik» website and gave several tasks to programmers to make the website cleaner, faster, and user-friendly.

It is essential to remember that Google search networks might not request some products and services because of its precaution in advertising alternative medicine services. We selected the most helpful services you can run to advertise on the Google search network.

For selected categories, we collected separate semantic cores, wrote unique texts, and divided them by preferences. Each advertising campaign was used for gaining new leads and had a clearly defined budget launch and territory.

The graphs show the effectiveness of our campaigns during the first month of the advertising.


graph LH 3

We received 86 phone calls and 70 conversions during the first month, spending 2,360 CAD. The average conversion rate was CAD 33.72.

 LH graph

We daily check the performance of our advertising campaigns and adjust them due to market specifications, reducing advertising costs and cleaning up the negative keywords.

Besides Google Ads advertising campaigns, we have created Lody Health accounts on Facebook and Instagram and regularly fill the feed with informative posts.

If you are interested in promoting your business with Google Ads, SMM, SEO, LinkedIn, and Emailing, feel free to write or call us using Contacts.