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Mainsrteam Leasing is the leasing company that is engaged in the equipment lease and financing for any needs. The company has a wealth of experience in the equipment leasing industry and promptly responds to client's equipment leasing needs and offers solid equipment financing solutions.

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Mainstream leasing

Representatives of Mainstream leasing turned to Webugol for help in setting up and managing advertising in Google Ads.

After conducting a market analysis, we developed an individual development plan. Representatives of Mainstream leasing approved the strategy, and we started collecting the semantic core. Then we clustered it and prescribed unique text ads. We launched the advertising campaign on clearly defined territories and with an approved budget.

It is worth noting that the company did not run ads in Google Ads before, so we created Google Analytics, Tag Manager accounts and linked them to the Google Ads account to track the results in the form of calls and conversions, which we set up to track the completion of the contact form link on the website.

During the first months of operation, our advertising campaign showed good results.

2 months results

the market is quite large, and we only cover a small part of it, so we split the ad campaign into two parts in order to reach a larger share of the market within the specified budget.

We monitor the performance of advertising campaigns every day, clean up negative keywords and adjust the bid per conversion and click according to the market.

If you also need help with setting up your Google Ads advertising, please contact us. We know how to help you.