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Medical Concierge Serbia is a company providing medical tourism services in Great Britain. Medical Concierge specialists will offer affordable and comfortable treatment in Serbia, as well as select comfortable transportation and accommodation during your treatment.

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Medical Concierge

To promote their services on the Internet, Medical Concierge wanted to run an ad on Google, so they turned to the Webugol team. We did a marketing analysis of the market, saw that the market is actually clear, and an SEO analysis of the site. We drew up an individual plan for the development of advertising and gave recommendations for site changes.

The site was low-converting, so we, with the client's permission, added service pages and descriptions to the site and replaced low-quality images. Next, we set up Google Analytics, but unfortunately, the godaddy platform on which the site is registered does not allow tracking all actions on the site, so we only set up tracking of calls by phone number from our advertisements.

After making all the changes on the site, we started collecting and clustering the semantic core and prescribed extended text ads. We launched advertisements in a clearly defined territory and with a certain budget. The graph shows the result of the advertisement during the first month of operation.

Medical Concierge

We clean up negative keywords every day and optimize our advertising campaign according to the market situation, adjusting the minimum bid price per click.

If you are also interested in Google advertising or need help setting it up, contact us for advice. We will gladly help you!