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Founded in 1971, OPTYX is the leader in eye care in New York. With 11 locations from Manhattan to East Hampton, New York, OPTYX experienced optometrists help their clients to see the difference!

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The company's marketing director contacted Webugol for marketing analysis of the current advertising campaigns since they noticed a decrease in the number of users and customers.

We performed SEO and digital marketing analysis that showed us the big list of SEO issues on the website, such as missing meta tags and slow website performance. Our marketing analysis showed that there were only a few smart ads for certain locations and issues with the website conversion tracking. Based on the results of these analyses, we developed an individual strategic plan for the company, which included the following services: Local SEO development (for 11 locations), SEO and Google Ads management.

Initially, we started with the promotion of the "eye exams" services and decided to grow Google search advertising. Before starting, we reconfigured the conversions tracking system, collected and sorted the semantic core. We ran these ads within a certain mile's radius around each location, with a clearly defined ad budget and ad schedule. In the first month, our campaign showed very good results, which are presented in the chart below.

1 month

Meanwhile, we started Local SEO. First, it was necessary to analyze the existing accounts in Google My Business and collect the local keywords by which companies are searched and displayed in Google Maps. According to the keywords, we reconfigured each GMB account under different addresses. We are also doing regular posting for relevant keywords for constant activity on the account.

After account reconfiguration, we described all the company's services, selected the main and auxiliary categories. These are important aspects for Google to show your business more often according to the products and services that users are looking for. Also, since OPTYX also has an online eyewear store, we have added the products to the GMB profile and when customers search for a particular brand or name of eyewear, they can see it immediately on Google search.

Constant posting, working with adding new photos and products, responding to customer reviews - all these things allow us to get more impressions on the Google map and reach the higher positions. After two months of work, we grew the number of local calls by 27%. 

In the next months, we launched several new Google campaigns to test different markets. The graph shows the performance of all our search campaigns during the last three months.


We monitor the performance of our advertising campaigns every day, cleaning negative keywords and adjusting our bidding strategy according to the market and within the existing advertising budget.

As for the traditional SEO - we had around 6.5k issues that were fixed. That gave us the immediate growth in organic visibility and clicks that you can see on the chart below.


Also, to maintain the retargeting campaign, we created a commercial video getting thousands of views.

Video advertising is becoming more and more affordable and widespread. And it is a fantastic tool because of how much it attracts people and can be spread on the Internet in a matter of days. 

Now we are building a brand-new SEO strategy to grow our website to the first positions in New York and the United States.

If you also need help with digital marketing, contact us. We will help you!