Paradiso College Preparatory
Paradiso College Preparatory
Puerto Rico
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Paradiso College Preparatory is dedicated to providing a comprehensive curriculum that readies students for advanced education and future challenges.

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Business Description:

Paradiso College Preparatory stands as a pioneering educational institution, dedicated to delivering a holistic curriculum aimed at equipping students for the rigors of higher education and the broader challenges of the future. Emphasizing academic excellence and personal growth, Paradiso cultivates a supportive atmosphere that encourages students to delve into their passions, hone critical thinking skills, and commit to lifelong learning. Its distinctive educational model blends intensive coursework in sciences, humanities, and arts with hands-on learning experiences, community service, and leadership development.

Customer Needs:

Develop a sophisticated digital marketing strategy to enhance Paradiso's online presence and attract prospective students and their families. Implement a multi-channel approach, integrating Google Ads, Facebook Ads, WhatsApp business messaging, and Zoho CRM to streamline lead generation and customer relationship management.


Paradiso College Preparatory sought to broaden its reach and enhance its digital marketing efforts to connect with more prospective students and their parents efficiently.


Webugol was approached by Paradiso to craft and execute an effective digital marketing funnel. The strategy kicked off with Google Ads to draw initial website traffic, using a carefully curated semantic core in both English and Spanish to launch search and Pmax campaigns. After a period of rigorous optimization and transitioning to conversion-based bidding strategies, notable conversions began to materialize. 

Subsequently, Facebook retargeting campaigns were introduced to better engage website visitors, elevate conversion rates, and amplify brand awareness within Puerto Rico. The effectiveness of retargeting paved the way for cold Facebook campaigns targeting parents of children within specific age brackets, achieving exceptional results and a significantly low CPA. The strategy evolved with the initiation of broad campaigns, leveraging Facebook pixel data to expand audience reach while maintaining optimal impression frequency. 

This comprehensive lead generation funnel was further streamlined with WhatsApp business messaging for easier communication between potential clients and Paradiso, all managed seamlessly through Zoho CRM.


The digital marketing funnel devised by Webugol markedly increased Paradiso College Preparatory's lead generation efficiency, website engagement, and brand recognition. The strategic use of targeted ads and CRM integration facilitated a significant uptick in inquiries and admissions.


Webugol's strategic digital marketing solutions have substantially boosted Paradiso College Preparatory's visibility and engagement in the educational sector. This collaboration not only expanded Paradiso's digital footprint but also positioned it as a leading choice for students seeking a comprehensive and nurturing educational experience. The tailored approach, focusing on multi-channel advertising and CRM integration, has laid the groundwork for Paradiso's continued growth and success in attracting and enrolling prospective students.