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Striver is an American wellness clinic that provides intravenous therapies for people who want to improve their health. Clinic specialists use unique and effective formulas of IV therapies to treat different types of pain. IV therapies at Striver Clinic will help to overcome a hangover or restore the internal balance of forces with a sedentary lifestyle.

The Striver Clinic is located in Chicago and was created to help people achieve their goals and lead a full-fledged, healthy lifestyle.

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IV Hydration Therapy for Peak Health, Vitality & Lifestyle

During a pandemic, taking care of your health and maintaining the balance of vitamins in the body was extremely necessary. So, to inform more people and attract new customers, Striver Clinic has started working with us on setting up and running Google Ads advertising.

We started our work with an SEO - website analysis and documenting a technical task for programmers. After all, the website was low-conversion, and the audit encountered several errors we had to correct before running the ad. Meanwhile, we started working with the website content: the texts were not unique, and we had to rewrite everything and replace the photos. We have compiled a content plan for a copywriter and bought good-quality images on streaming platforms.

While the website was under modification, we continued setting up a Google Ads account.

The Striver Clinic offers an enormous amount of intravenous therapies, that's why, we have made up semantic cores for each procedure, clustered keywords, and written unique ad texts. Our advertising campaigns are used to find new potential customers and have a clearly defined territory and budget.


After receiving the latest edits from the programmers, we created Google Analytics for the Striver Clinic, linked it to a Google Ads account, and set up conversion tracking.

It is important to note that the Mytime platform is used for online recording on the website, so it caused some difficulty in setting up correct conversion tracking through Google Analytics, as it is a third-party resource.

We have already practiced the setting up of such conversions for another clinic in Canada. But each platform is different, so it took some time to set up and link the website to the Mytime platform. So far, we've tested all forms of communication on the website and launched an advertising campaign.

From the beginning, advertising began to bring results in contact forms and conversions. We monitor the work of the advertising campaign every day, making the necessary changes to optimize it.
Also, we are planning to continue working with the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Striver Clinic after the launch of Google Advertising.