About company

Telx-inc, a leader in business communication solutions in the GTA and Southern Ontario, partnered with the marketing agency Webugol to enhance their digital presence through effective Google Ads campaigns.

Services provided

Project details

Business Description:

Telx-inc specializes in providing advanced voice and Internet services, focusing on small business telephone systems, including Hosted PBX solutions, leveraging the latest Internet technologies for small and medium-sized businesses.

Customer Needs:

  • Develop and launch targeted advertising campaigns on Google to reach new customers.
  • Focus on specific services like business phones and Internet solutions in the advertising campaigns.
  • Manage and optimize Google Ads traffic effectively.


Telx-inc, despite being a recognized brand, needed to expand its customer base and enhance its digital marketing efforts.


  • Created and grouped keywords by intent for targeted advertising.
  • Launched Google Ads campaigns with a clear budget and specific territories, focusing on the GTA.
  • Implemented conversion tracking for comprehensive performance monitoring.
  • Tested and optimized different advertising strategies, including keyword and phrase matching, to ensure efficient market reach.
  • Set up continuous campaign monitoring and adjustment to align with market conditions and optimize advertising cost.



  • The campaigns showed significant effectiveness, as illustrated in the provided graph, highlighting improved reach and customer engagement over three months.
  • Continuous optimization led to an increase in customer inquiries and conversions.


  • Webugol’s strategic approach in digital marketing notably boosted Telx-inc's online visibility and customer engagement, contributing to its growth in the digital marketplace.
  • Telx-inc's collaboration with Webugol has set the foundation for ongoing expansion and dominance in the business communication solutions sector. The focus on tailored Google Ads strategies has paved the way for reaching new customers and strengthening the brand's online presence.