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Valhalla Medics provides the best event medical services nationwide. Their medical professionals are trained to operate under stringent compliance standards. They will not only give medical assistance, but also organize the rest of the event for you. Thus, you can enjoy yourself with your guests, instead of finding yourself in an unpleasant situation.

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Valhalla Medics

Valhalla Medics asked Webugol to help with setting up the effective advertising campaigns on Google Ads and SEO.

We created a commercial video getting thousands of views. 

Video advertising is becoming more and more affordable and widespread. And it is a fantastic tool because of how much it attracts people and can be spread on the Internet in a matter of days. 

Then we made a website audit and found some minor errors that can be fixed to achieve better website conversion rate. Upon successfully correcting them, we started preparing the new semantic core, dividing the keywords into groups, and wrote unique text ads. Our advertising campaigns were launched to search new potential customers and have clearly defined territory and budgets.

The graph below shows the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns during the first month.

VM 1

Spending 1,650 CAD, we received 38 calls and 40+ total conversions.

From the first days of advertising, we started getting results (calls and contact forms). We monitor the work of the advertising campaign every day and make effective changes to optimize it. We adjust bids depending on the market and clean negative keywords to maximize the results from advertising. The idea is always the same - get maximum results from the clients' advertising budget.


The case when you’re getting the first results after the first month of SEO work is rare. However, here you can see how an effective strategy of SEO development can give instant positions on Google organic.

We always start with the technical audit of the website, collecting and analyzing the actual data, then we proceed to the search of the best ways to grow in the market.

After a technical audit of the website, we found and fixed all issues that blocked it from SEO development, namely:

- changed meta tags title and description;

- corrected and added the headings h1, h2, and h3, correctly arranged and structured them;

- optimized all the images on the website and added alt texts.

After finishing this work, we started creating a new content plan and placing external links to:

- make the targeted keywords appear on Google;

- increase website organic ranking and authority of the website domain (DA);

- improve each page authority;

- grow brand-new organic traffic to the website.

And here are the significant results:

webugol valhalla medic en

We received the first position for one of the keywords and the top 10 positions for the first 10 keywords.

The project keeps growing, and we are going to reach top-5 positions for all keywords in the few months to become the #1 in Google organic nationwide (in the U.S.).

Want to feel the difference? Call us, and we will help you to achieve incredible results!