Valhalla Vitality
United States
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Valhalla Vitality is a mobile concierge wellness center dedicated to giving patients convenient access to health-promoting therapies that improve well-being. Based out of Far Rockaway, Queens, in New York City, Erica Malloy-Blake, PMH-NP, and the wellness team make house calls to those living in and around the surrounding area.

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Valhalla Vitality

The team at Valhalla Vitality turned to the marketing agency WebUgol for help in setting up effective advertising campaigns on the Google search network.

Business description: A nationwide medical clinic offering a wide range of holistic wellness services across the United States

Customer Needs: 

  • Design and develop the new custom-built platform in cooperation with design and development teams
  • Developing all brand identity assets across different platforms
  • Rebuild and manage Google Ads traffic with a fixed target CPA to guarantee profitability
  • Develop an effective display advertising strategy across Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • SEO development strategy to establish a continuous growth of organic traffic within the priority services
  • Build a multistep conversional funnel to keep the conversion rate from registration to purchases at 40%
  • Establish a continuous communication process with potential clients at all stages of the marketing funnel. Automation of the communication process
  • Managing seasonal activities and control over the main performance indicators such as CPA, daily sales, profitability, and LTV.
  • Building comprehensive dashboards to analyze daily results and dynamics.


Challenge: a newly formed company that has the ambition to grow nationwide. 



  • We created and launched a new platform that met your specifications and preferences, working closely with our design and development teams using the best tools and technologies available.
  • We developed a consistent and recognizable brand identity that was applied across different platforms and channels, such as websites, social media, emails, etc.
  • We optimized and managed the Google Ads campaigns to achieve a target cost per acquisition (CPA) that ensured profitability and return on investment (ROI).
  • We designed and implemented a display advertising strategy that reached and engaged the target audience on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, using creative and relevant ads.
  • We devised and executed an SEO strategy that improved the organic ranking and traffic of the website for the priority services and keywords.
  • We built a multistep conversion funnel that guided the potential customers from registration to purchase and maintained a high conversion rate of 40% throughout the process.
  • We established and automated a communication process that kept in touch with potential customers at all stages of the marketing funnel, using personalized and timely messages.
  • We managed and monitored the seasonal activities and the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the marketing campaigns, such as CPA, daily sales, profitability, and lifetime value (LTV).
  • We created and updated comprehensive dashboards that helped us analyze and report the daily results and trends of the marketing campaigns.


    • SEO traffic grew from 0 to over 20k for the last 28 days
    • Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns are dominating the nationwide markets
    • More than 1k clients are acquired each month
    • The company became a nationwide brand and expanding


VV Clinic



 Organic traffic to the site has grown significantly + 127%, the number of impressions has increased + 192%


Organic keywords have grown + 1 130 organic keywords and + 246 organic pages. The site began to occupy top positions for key queries - 134 keywords occupy the TOP-10 positions in search results.


The domain site rating increased from 0 to 31


Business Value:

We helped to grow the medical clinic to the nationwide level and offer holistic wellness services to customers across the US. The solutions covered creating a new platform, developing a brand identity, managing online advertising campaigns, improving organic ranking and traffic, building a conversion funnel, automating a communication process, monitoring seasonal activities and key performance indicators, and analyzing and reporting the marketing results and trends. These solutions led to a significant growth of SEO traffic, online advertising dominance, customer acquisition, and brand expansion.