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Vorob Craft Cabinetry is a company that provides manufacturing services for non-standard custom cabinets. The company also offers services for the development of unique furniture designs or the reconstruction of old ones. If you want to renovate your home or office space, Vorob Craft Cabinetry specialists will implement all your plans.

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Project details

Vorob Craft Cabinetry is a large company and a recognizable brand

Previously, the company used Google Ads. But after analyzing their ads, we suggested stopping a significant part of their advertising campaigns except "Local Ads" and "Vorob Search" which have been bringing steady results in launching new advertising campaigns. We have chosen several services for our campaigns: cabinetry services, kitchen cabinets, and custom wardrobes. But before launching new ads, we conducted an SEO audit of the website and gave several recommendations for improvement. After that, we started working on new Google Ads campaigns.

For each service, we made up a separate semantic core. Keywords were clustered and divided by intent, and unique text ads we wrote for each word group. The goal of our advertising campaigns was to find new potential customers. The campaigns had a budget and displayed area. In the graph below, you can see the effectiveness over three months.

graph vorob

Every day we monitor the performance of our campaigns, adjusting bids depending on the market, trying to reduce customer costs on Ads, and getting rid of negative keywords.

Sometime later, when Google advertising brought traffic to the website with potential customers, we added a Facebook retargeting campaign to the ad. It was intended for an already warm audience of users who visited the website but, for some reason, did not fill out the form. In the future, we will be able to gather a sufficient number of customers who called or applied, and with Pixel's help will create a Look-a-Like audience to attract new potential customers.