Eugene Ugolkov

Eugene Ugolkov

CEO and Founder

In Webugol we are hardworking every day to make sure our partners will get the highest ROAS from our advertising!

About me

My name is Eugene, I’m a marketing specialist with over 10 years of traditional and digital marketing experience. I’ve made my Masters degree in France (University of Nantes) and my Ph.D. in Economics (customer behavior in digital marketing) in Ukraine (Lviv Politechnic National University).

During all these years I helped dozens of companies from United Stated, Canada, Australia, and France to develop brand new marketing strategy and grow their digital marketing channels. I followed the main principle – getting profit from advertising investments.

About Webugol

Today my Webugol team shares the same idea by providing a unique profitable digital marketing approach for companies worldwide: 

  • Analyzing online advertising markets (Google, Facebook, Instagram) 
  • Evaluating website potential conversion rate and providing recommendations 
  • Calculating CPC, cost per lead, ads budgets, potential profit before launching campaigns 
  • Launching and managing profitable Google Ads (Search, Shopping, YouTube) campaigns 
  • Providing resultative full-cycle turnkey SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Developing unique and attractive video creatives for social media ads 
  • Building top-rated deep Facebook and Instagram Ads funnels (cold, retargeting, look-a-like) 
  • Creating and managing effective eCommerce and traditional emailing campaigns 
  • Consulting on sales process marketing improvements 

Feel the difference with Webugol!