Olena Artiukh

Olena Artiukh

SEO Specialist/Linkbuilder

After five engaging years of study in the State University of Humanities, I could never picture myself as a SEO specialist. And yet, here I am, glad to be a part of the creative, professional and friendly Webugol team. 

About me

I started my career as a link builder, developing a strong backlink profile for the site owner. This means I can identify target websites, assess their authority and relevance, and find the best methods to secure valuable backlinks. With almost five years of experience in the field of SEO I mastered different technics including forum posts, outreach campaigns, guest blogging, learned how to manage web2.0 sites and personal blogs network (PBN). You might think that link builder’s work is monotonous and dull, as it requires doing repetitive actions like comments on the forums or blogs. But it is not always like that. Link building often requires thorough research to identify relevant websites, potential link opportunities, and competitor analysis. To run effective outreach campaigns, I need to apply communicative skills and critical thinking to write compelling outreach messages and negotiate the best price for a sponsored post.

As the field of SEO is constantly developing, I never stop learning to stay up to date with the latest trends, algorithm changes, and new strategies. The main goal for me today is together with Webugol team develop and grow my expertise to become a forefront expert in SEO.