Тустань готель
Hotel "Tustan"
About company

Health Complex Tustan is a 4-star hotel located in a picturesque corner of Western Ukraine, the resort town of Skhidnytsia, Lviv region. The hotel has been operating and developing successfully for a long time. On site you will find a SPA-complex, a medical center, a pump room with mineral water and many other interesting activities for the whole family. The hotel offers its guests 45 comfortable rooms of various categories.

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Project details

Hotel and recreation complex in the Carpathians 

We started our cooperation with the Tustan hotel complex by conducting an SEO-audit of the site and developing a plan on how we can still help this business. After analyzing the advertising campaigns in Google Ads, we found that quite a few were launched, and only some of them yield results, so we turned off the rest and focused on the selected ones.

One of the key advertising campaigns was targeted to competitors' keywords and brought good results. In this campaign, we increased our budgets, adjusted our ads, and changed our keyword types to ensure a continuous flow of off-season customer service. The graph shows the number of conversions, clicks, and impressions in the last 2 months.


We monitor the work of advertising campaigns on a daily basis, clear negative keywords and adjust bids depending on the market.

After several months of successful and profitable Google advertising, the owner asked to launch Facebook / Instagram advertising to offer new customers his holiday complex Tustan.

First of all, Facebook Pixel was created and integrated into the site to track customer actions. Events that have been set up: visiting specific pages, tapping phone numbers, booking a room, etc. After setting up the event, we were able to create various funnels for advertising campaigns.

Google Ads and Organic Search bring the site about 30,000 visits, which is why the cold advertising campaign was removed from the funnel. The retarget campaign and the Look-a-Like campaign became the main ones.

Two audiences were created for the retarget campaign: all site visitors and users who visited the page of choosing and booking rooms. As the holiday and holiday season begins, the retarget will be in full swing to constantly remind you of the Tustan Hotel.

One general audience was created for the Look-a-Like campaign - users who made a reservation and who called the hotel for a consultation or reservation. This is the most targeted audience and based on it, two Look-a-Like audiences with similarities of 0-1% and 1-2% were created and 2 separate advertising campaigns were launched for better optimization and analysis of results.

In the first month of such advertising, we received about 17 calls, 8 hotel bookings, a large number of clicks on the booking form (this may indicate that the booking form is too complicated for the client and should be simplified) and a large number of comments with questions and messages in Facebook Messenger. And this is also an important aspect, because when promoting your product or service on Facebook and Instagram, customers often go to the video and like it, comment, go to the main page of the campaign on Facebook and ask questions. And it is important to respond immediately to such requests, as this is a potential customer, who may find it easier in the mode of correspondence to make a purchase or booking a room.